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The most rewarding thing is when you see people grow. To see them taking on more responsibility, setting their own goals and realizing what's important to them. This happens at Innovecs, every day.
Alex Lutskiy, CEO
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Upcoming events at InnoHub
InnoHub is a new international event platform created by Innovecs. Here we upgrade and share knowledge.
17 Oct
Innovecs Open Day

– What is IT all about?  – Why does everyone want to become a part of it?  – What kind of skills do you need to work in such industry?  – How to become a developer and is it worth it?  – What kind of background do you need?  – How does Innovecs look inside […]

02 Nov
Synchro Prostir: Hackathon, lectures, community

What does Urban Hackathon stand for?  It’s a 24 hour competition between the teams that include leading architects, designers, IT specialists, engineers and urbanists. They synchronize their skills to create a pilot project for Ukrainian cities that will solve actual issues, requested by the government. The winners will be able to implement their projects in […]

06 Nov
Bottleneck Night: Estimation VS. Reality

Someone calls them fails, someone calls them fuckups and someone calls them problems, while we’re calling them Bottlenecks. We’re launching the series of evening events devoted to projects’ bottlenecks in any technical areas. Any of us can come up with an approximate estimation, but in reality any designer or developer will face a bottleneck anyway. “The […]

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Don’t miss your chance to join the company as a Middle Front ...
Don’t miss your chance to join the company as a Senior Front ...
Happy Programmers’ Day everyone! Fun fact: Programmers’ Da ...
"Love a positive company culture here. Everyone is ready to help and come up with advice. The workspace is modern and cozy with great hardware and comfortable chairs..."
Stanislav Felinskyi, Senior Unity3D Engineer
"I've been working at the company for quite a long time and I'm completely satisfied with my job. Timely salary, cool workspace, English lessons, daily snacks, and reasonable customers."
Maxim Levitskiy, Senior Software Engineer
"A great friendly team and workflow. A healthy company atmosphere. The top management always welcomes new ideas and suggestions.”
Serg Luzhevsky, Front End Developer