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We are a global digital transformation technology company that has been helping businesses around the world automate processes and increase revenue through digital solutions for more than a decade.
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for the fifth year in a row included in the list of the fastest-growing US businesses according to Inc.5000
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Find out firsthand, why our specialists choose to work, evolve and grow.
Ihor Kanivets
Advanced DevOps

Although I work remotely, I do not feel distant from the team or the company. I am constantly invited to corporate events. Two hours before the project presentation I was working on, the delivery guy brought me a parcel with four small cocktails and a branded glass. Such wonderful initiatives erase the distances.

Olena Ratova
Project Coordinator

Innovecs provides the opportunity to change profession or position within the company. Each team member receives support from colleagues and career advice. My Innovecs journey began in 2019 as a Travel Manager. Later I was offered to become a Project Coordinator, and since the beginning of 2021, I have been working as a Project Manager. It is nice to have the opportunity to try new roles, learn and grow professionally. The company constantly conducts courses and workshops. A Promotion Plan is developed for each employee for six months, which makes it clear what knowledge and skills need to be improved for further professional and career growth.

Ihor Pavlenko
Software Engineer

I myself learn through teaching trainee engineers. To some extent, mentoring helps to preserve and deepen the acquired knowledge, as well as helps to hone communication skills and the ability to find common ground, which is crucial in teamwork. The role of a mentor teaches me communication and management.

Andrii Bosak
Technical Support Specialist

Innovecs understands the value of work/life balance. The company has comfortable working conditions, you can try new activities: find a hobby thanks to InnoClub and have fun with colleagues. For example, share your thoughts on industry trends while playing tennis.


Innovecs is more than just work. We value quality and results rather than working hours. Each team member can attend an online training session with an instructor or do mindfulness practices at InnoClub in the middle of the day. We want to feel good in and out of work, so joint morning jogs and evenings of board games have become a tradition for many teammates.
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We rely on three key values ​​in life and work: INNOVATE, INSPIRE, CARE.
We value proactive and committed people. Everyone on the team can offer and implement a new approach or establish a new community in InnoClub.
We inspire each other with our achievements, dreams, and goals. Together we prepare for marathons, receive prestigious professional awards, and motivate each other for further training and development.
For us, care is the desire to help others, attention to detail, consistency, and willingness to take responsibility for the cooperation results. We care about team members' physical and mental health, providing all the components for living in harmony.
Why join Innovecs?
Reliable and Successful Company
Over a decade in the market, 60+ effectively implemented projects for 100+ clients. One of the fastest-growing private companies (Inc. 5000) and global outsourcing companies (IAOP).
Meeting your Career Ambitions
You can develop horizontally and vertically, transit from developer to Delivery Manager, or become a VP. Moreover, each innovecser can reinvent the career due to our educational programs, courses, tracks, and workshops allowing to change a project, role, or domain.
Support of Your Passions
You can practice what inspires you at Innovecs — jogging, yoga, football, tennis, etc., and receive gifts and acknowledgment from teammates.
Protection in all Spheres
You can count on the support of your team and the company in all spheres of your life: from physical and mental well-being thanks to sports coaches and psychologists to professional and financial assistance owing to training and an employee assistance program.
Flexible Workplace
We enable a flexible schedule and hybrid workspace so that you can work from an office, home, or anywhere you want. Also, we have a special support program for innovecsers who are relocating.
Professional Growth
Employees dive into learning from the first working day due to professional adaptation programs. Then they can enroll in a global certification preparation program, a mentorship program, training, and an individual development plan.
H2H Philosophy
Everyone in the company has freedom of self-expression, and your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. We have an open-door policy and regular meetings with our leaders to be on the same page.
Engineering Leadership Platform
We strive to empower collaborative growth and build a community of engineering leaders that will expand your potential. It is a source of inspiration, where meaningful content spreads through events and networking.
Synergism of Minds and Talents
Everyone can propose and implement a new approach to solving solutions. E.g., when someone on the team offers a new architecture with broader functionality to improve performance, we discuss and implement it.
Living Our Values
We all are driven by Innovation, Inspiration, and Care for ourselves and each other. And our SPECIFIC DNA reflects our priorities: innovecsers are Smart, Professional, Engaged, Collaborative, Innovative, Focused, Inspiring, and Caring.
A Lifestyle, Not Just a Job
We consider work and leisure as equally important parts of life. Therefore, in addition to the necessary working conditions and continuous learning options, we take good care of the team’s physical and mental health, recreation, and personal development.
Really Essentials Benefits, Not Just Goodies
Innovecs provides the team with private healthcare insurance, team-building activities, social events, and occasional gifts to celebrate Innovecs' lifestyle.
A corporate DNA, i.e. the core features and competencies we value, are encrypted in the SPECIFIC abbreviation.
We develop professional potential throughout life and learn through exchanging knowledge and experience with teammates.
All innovecsers are responsible for the results of their own work and perform tasks well.
Most of the team is involved in the communities of interest, participates in professional initiatives, and puts forth new activities in the company.
We communicate effectively with teammates to achieve the best results and remain friendly and positive under all circumstances.
Every day we challenge ourselves, seek unconventional approaches, exchange ideas, and create innovative digital solutions.
Teams analyze results, make informed decisions, and set clear goals.
We share ideas and inspire each other. Our teammates are role models.
We make our own decisions and take the initiative, caring for ourselves and our colleagues.
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The British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce
American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (ACC)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
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For the fifth year in a row, Innovecs is included in the list of Inc. 5000, the list of the fastest-growing private companies in the US, and for the fourth time was included in the list of Global Outsourcing 100® by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP®), the ranking of the best global outsourcing companies.
inc-5000 5 years in a row

Our Leaders

Top management and department heads are leaders who motivate and inspire. They share their long experience with the team and support the ideas and plans of colleagues.


Alex Lutskiy
Founder and CEO, Chairman of the Board
Olga Prykhno
Chief Business Officer
EOGHAN O’donnell
Chief Innovation Officer
Olha Boiko
VP of Brand & Communications
Dmitry Kushnir
Chief Operating Officer

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