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As a leader, you have to keep abreast of all spheres simultaneously: personal development, team fostering, upgrading processes, etc. Find answers to all the tricky questions and topics in one place, within Engineering Leadership Community.
Mentorship from experts in tech fields. Get professional feedback and consultations.
Digests on hot topics monthly. Learn about a complex matter from different angles.
Articles from engineering leaders. Explore trends related to experts in the field.
Events honing your skills. Propel yourself through our meet-ups and conferences.
Network around the world. Share your insights and discover new approaches.
Experience exchange. Empower leadership with community members.


Top professionals in their fields will help you to take a detached view of your career, set new goals, hone skills, or even build a strategy for professional development.
Alex Lutskiy
Founder and CEO
Alex's competencies: Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Strategy; Partnerships; Outsourced solutions.

Under his management, within 8 years, Innovecs has developed from a small office and a team of three people into a digital transformation tech company with over 800 software engineers and became one of the fastest-growing U.S. companies, according to Inc. 5000.
Andrii Poddubnyi
Software Development Director
Andrii's competencies: Leadership; Technical Strategy for Projects; Client Communication; Career Advice; People Management.

A seasoned Engineering Director with 10 years of experience building scalable solutions from scratch and ensuring tangible deliverables distribution (150+ FTE across the globe). His primary focus is Fintech, Hi-tech, and E-commerce industries.
Viktor Zubets
Delivery Director
Victor's competencies: Project Management; Portfolio Management; Finance & Budgeting; Risk Management; Team Collaboration.

A team manager with up to 50+ FTEs involvement across one or more locations. Victor has an experience in pre-sale and delivery of IT and System Integration projects.
Paweł Rekowski
Team Leader at the eMAG
Paweł's competencies: Leadership; People development; Recruitment; Career development; Soft skills.

Entrepreneur, developer, leader, speaker, trainer, podcaster, and finalist of the IT Manager of the Tomorrow Awards competition with over 15 years in the IT industry. He has worked for brands such as Oferia, Allegro, and BlaBlaCar. Co-hosts a video podcast, “Nerd Management”, aimed at new and future leaders in IT.

*priority for Polish-speaking mentees.
Krzysztof Rakowski
Head of the Warsaw IT Hub of eMAG
Krzysztof's competencies: Leadership; People development; Recruitment; Career development; Soft skills.

Krzysztof started as a web developer in the IT industry almost twenty years ago. He loves to learn and help others develop. Co-hosts a video podcast, “Nerd Management”, aimed at new and future leaders in IT.

*priority for Polish-speaking mentees.


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    What is the cost of being a member of the Engineering Leadership Community?
    Membership is free. All you need is to fill out the registration form, get access to the community via e-mail, and log- in to the platform.
    How can I have a mentor session?
    First of all, you need to become a member of the ELC. After signing in to the platform, you will see the field where you can apply for a mentor session. Please wait for a letter from our team, choose the session time and date for a session, and enjoy your online meeting.
    How can I become a mentor?
    You can write us an e-mail at the following address: and wait for the reply. We have a high bar for mentors, so please be ready for an interview representing your experience and motivation.
    How can I contact you in case of additional questions?
    We are waiting for your questions, requests, or suggestions at the e-mail or you can write to the Head of ELC, Alina Scherbyna, on LinkedIn.