2023 at Innovecs: Highlights and Achievements

December 22, 2023 4 min read

In the realm of technology, success is not just about milestones. It’s also about the values that drive us. As the curtains draw on another impactful year, it’s time to delve into Innovecs’ achievements in 2023. 

Innovation serves as the beating heart of our journey, moving us forward. Every effort reflects our commitment to inspire and contribute to a global landscape. Moreover, at the core of our achievements lies genuine care — for our team, clients, and the impact we create together.


Regional Development 

In 2023, Innovecs took a significant step in continuous expansion into the EMEA region, broadening our geographic footprint. With a global presence in key markets such as the USA, UK, Poland, Ukraine, and Hungary, we keep enriching our team with diverse perspectives. With this move, we’re creating a diverse, innovative environment that benefits our clients and empowers our team to achieve remarkable things.

As part of global expansion, Innovecs broadened its global team, bringing key figures on board. We welcomed Eamonn McLarnon as VP of Global Supply Chain Practice in the UK, Artur Lewandowski as Senior Business Development Manager in Poland, Daniel Ahearn as a Sales Executive in the U.S., and Guido Giorgio Mastrolia as a Pre-Sales Executive in Italy. These strategic hires are essential in strengthening our presence in niche markets.


Driving Innovation Across Key Practices

In 2023, Innovecs continued to strengthen its expertise across several core practices, demonstrating significant growth and innovation: 

  • Led by Eamonn McLarnon, our Supply Chain Practice, primarily focusing on Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), has seen substantial development.
  • We continue to excel in the Games Development and iGaming industries, highlighting our versatility. Our presence at major events like the SBC Summit and SIGMA underlines this new direction.
  • Our vision for growth extends into the Hi-Tech and Software realms, expanding our footprint into Healthtech and Workplace Tech. This move represents our dedication to embracing emerging technologies and sectors where our expertise can drive impactful innovations. 

Furthermore, we successfully partnered with 11 new clients, marking a significant milestone in our continuous journey of expansion and excellence.


New Partnership Announcement

This December, Innovecs announced its strategic partnership with Davanti Warehousing, a renowned Dutch logistics specialist with more than 30 years of experience in the warehouse management market.

The partnership will focus on joint research initiatives to develop advanced technologies, products, and services, focusing on delivering superior customer value.

This collaboration is a testament to the commitment of both Innovecs and Davanti to providing top-tier solutions and fostering growth in the Supply Chain Execution sector. It addresses the challenges ahead with a shared vision for a brighter future in the Supply Chain.


Global Recognition and Awards

In 2023, Innovecs achieved remarkable results, showcasing our commitment to excellence, innovation, and being a people-first organization. Big thanks to our team’s hard work! Here’s a list of the prestigious global awards and recognitions we received this year:

  1. Innovecs was honored with Gold at the Employer Brand Management Awards (EBMA) 2023 for the Best Employee Well-being Initiative.
  2. Innovecs on the 2023 Global Outsourcing 100® List by IAOP®: Celebrating the fifth consecutive year of inclusion.
  3. Honorable mention for Ragan’s Employee Communications Award in the “Employee Well-Being Program.”
  4. Innovecs was named the winner in the 2023 Inspiring Workplaces Awards for EMEA.
  5. Innovecs won the 2023 Global Good Award.
  6. Innovecs was included in the Global Top 100 Inspiring Workplaces, ranked #25.
  7. Olha Boiko, VP of Brand & Communications at Innovecs, was named the Employer Brand Leader of the Year 2023 International Employer Branding Summit.


Conferences and Industry Presence

This year was rich with events, bringing opportunities for growth, learning, and collaboration.

  • Infoshare Conference, May 24-25

For the second year in a row, Innovecs embraced its Gold Partnership at Infoshare, a key tech event in Central and Eastern Europe. The conference was perfect for discussing innovations and strategies aligning with our EMEA expansion goals.

  • SBC Summit Barcelona, September 19-21

Our SBC Summit Barcelona booth became a hub for iGaming discussions. Engaging with over 15,000 industry leaders, we showcased Innovecs Games’ innovation, shared our expertise with attendees, and foresight in the rapidly evolving iGaming world.

  • SIGMA Conference, November 13-17

Innovecs Games highlighted our strategic approach and innovative solutions in iGaming while absorbing industry leaders’ crucial information on the latest trends.

  • WebSummit, November 13-16

The event, a melting pot of CEOs, founders, tech experts, and investors, provided our Innovecs Games team with unparalleled insights and networking opportunities. 

Reflecting on these experiences, we are filled with anticipation and enthusiasm for the next year.


CSR Activities

Innovecs proudly continues to collaborate with the Ice Hockey Federation of Ukraine as the title partner. Our cooperation, which began two years ago, focuses on developing sports in Ukraine, growing the local ice hockey community, and broadly promoting overall well-being.

Our CSR efforts have also been passionately directed towards standing with Ukraine amid the ongoing full-scale war. With a stance rooted in transparency and integrity, we’ve used our voice and resources to denounce the military aggression against Ukraine.

Our contributions to foundations like Medical battalion “Hospitallers” and the “Leleka” Foundation, along with providing essential equipment to the Armed Forces, is the expression of our solidarity with the brave hearts defending Ukraine.

In a heartfelt display of compassion and courage, our team members have been instrumental in organizing charity fundraisers, reinforcing our collective resolve to support our defenders and inch closer to Ukrainian victory.


Internal Initiatives

We’re dedicated to enriching our team’s professional journey by providing exceptional growth opportunities.

Professional Advancement: Leveraging our partnership with AWS, we offer our team members the opportunity to earn Cloud certifications. This initiative empowers them with cutting-edge skills, paving the way for career development. During 2023, innovecsers earned 30 in-demand Cloud Certificates (AWS, Azure, GCP).

Furthermore, our portfolio of learning solutions expanded significantly, showing 445 unique offerings. Learner engagement reached an exciting 78% engagement rate.

Satisfaction among learners remained exceptionally high at 95%, with a 2% improvement from the previous measurement. The Net Promoter Score, the likelihood of participants recommending our programs, rose by 7%, achieving an 82% score.

InnoFlex Program: Our recently launched InnoFlex allows team members to customize their benefits package every six months. This innovative program responds to their unique needs, promoting their well-being. Over six months, InnoFlex showcased the following results:

– 72% engagement in the program;

–  eNPS has increased by 13 points;

Mentorship Program: Our updated Mentorship Program introduces new mentors and improved support, focusing on deeper career development and learning opportunities for our team.

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Final thoughts

Reflecting on our exciting 2023 year at Innovecs, we anticipate an even more vibrant 2024. With a continuous commitment to tackling innovative projects, we strive to inspire our team through groundbreaking initiatives and care deeply about nurturing a collaborative culture.

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