“I’m very lucky that I didn’t have to face the challenges alone,” — Mykhailo Nazarenko about mentor support at Innovecs

September 6, 2022

Mentoring is not a one-way street. As in all healthy relationships, mentoring implies mutual exchange and enrichment.

According to Deloitte, millennials who received mentoring at work were twice as likely to stay with the company in the next 5 years than their counterparts who did not have a mentor (68% and 32% accordingly). On the other hand, as per the Association for Talent Development report, 75% of managers emphasized the importance of mentoring in their professional growth.

Today we spoke with Mykhailo Nazarenko, Junior QA Manual at Innovecs, about his impressions of mentor support, challenges, and hands-on training.

How did you join Innovecs? 

 I came to Innovecs by joining the Juniorship program for several reasons: first, I have long been interested in the IT world, and I really wanted to be a part of something big. Second, the Innovecs company was recommended to me by my friend Oksana Hubchyk, who still works for the company. Therefore, precisely because Innovecs is a large company with an excellent reputation and is spoken about with such love, I got excited about the idea of ​​joining your (and now our) friendly team. 

What are your impressions of the mentoring program?

During the Juniorship, I received mentor support, which was as plain and clear as possible. I received an answer to each question from my mentor and colleagues with a detailed explanation. It was extremely useful because I listened to and memorized the words of specialists with considerable experience in this domain. 

At first, I had time to brush up on my theoretical knowledge, but we quickly moved on to practice, which became the most crucial part of my education. Finally, I saw how my work with my colleagues improved the product. It was nice to hear the Product Owner say the new feature is already in use and makes work easier for real users. This is how I went from notebook theory to testing and releasing a real and useful product. 

What challenges did you face? 

 I faced every challenge a QA intern normally does. Everything was new and unknown: setting up work accounts, all necessary channels, newsletters, meetings, calls, correspondence… First meetings in English with other teams. The first demo I ran and wrote a script for not to get lost in all the functionality I then tested. All this seemed complicated, and I wanted to question every step. 

 I’m very lucky that I didn’t have to go through these challenges on my own. At every stage, I could turn to my mentor, my team, or even another team at Innovecs for advice. And that’s why all the tasks that used to cause anxiety have turned into a normal work process. I feel confident in my abilities as a specialist who will not stop on the reached. 

 Overall, my impressions of the program couldn’t be any better, and it’s the best way to put it. This is an invaluable experience. For me, the Juniorship Program is a lucky ticket to the IT world and the wonderful people working at Innovecs. For me, this is a company that really lives up to its values ​​of  “Innovate. Inspire. Care”. I want to stay here forever because of the people I work with. 

Would you recommend the program to others? 

 Absolutely, I do recommend it. There’s no substitute for real work with a real product on a real team. Instead of textbooks and Google, you can turn to experts in your field and get a more concise and substantive answer to any question. And no theory can replace the good feeling of having made a product that simplifies and improves someone’s work. 


What advice do you have for those who plan to join the mentoring program?

 Do not be idle. Do not ignore a mentor’s advice. Don’t miss the chance to gain this invaluable experience. Wash your hands with soap 🙂 

We all need someone —a friend, mentor, or leader— as an inspiration for becoming the best version of ourselves. Pretty soon Mentorship Program will be launched at Innovecs, which is an excellent opportunity for mentors and mentees to improve, learn new things, expand their communication network and reach a new professional level.

The mentor guides the mentee towards an agreed-upon goal, which is related to a career plan or opportunities for professional development. A trusting relationship during mentoring ensures honest feedback. Then the mentee understands that constructive criticism is aimed at professional growth, not making someone feel bad. Mentors can identify growth areas and advise on how to correct the situation. 


The Mentorship Program at Innovecs is an efficient method of team development that involves the company’s rich internal potential and is mutually beneficial for a mentor and a mentee.

 Follow updates on corporate communication channels and join the Mentorship Program as a mentor or mentee to share knowledge, inspire, evolve, and get to know your teammates better.

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