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March 9, 2023 3 min read

We live in a reality where businesses and governments already use Cloud Solutions for their requirements. Moreover, Cloud providers have been integrating their solutions into university programs for years, and they are doing their best to encourage more and more people to use them. As I can see, Сloud is not only about the foreseeable future. It’s a necessity for engineers today. Which is why I believe that it’s crucial for developers to keep up with the latest advancements and trends in the Cloud Computing industry. With the rapid growth of Cloud technology and its increasing adoption in various industries, it’s becoming more evident that Cloud computing is not just a passing trend but a crucial aspect in the state-of-the-art business operations. 


The importance of Cloud certifications for developers

Not long ago, developers could just code. Someone else would build infrastructure, plan networking, deploy code, and so on.

With the advent of virtualization, API-driven infrastructures like AWsS, Azure, Google Cloud, and the whole DevOps/NoOps movement, it’s often the developers who are building automation too.

Given that most new apps will likely be containerized and deployed in Cloud, acquainting with this environment would be a great advantage.


Offering value 

Unlike experience, certification offers peace of mind. I’m not only talking about self-confidence but also about our clients. Working with certified developers on their projects builds more reliable and long-lasting partner relationships.


Cloud certification is for everyone

Big players like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud offer diverse certification levels for everyone to find a suitable one for themselves.

Engineers who only start their Cloud journey can take foundational certifications. Experienced developers can challenge themselves with professional ones to boost their knowledge.

After passing the first certification, you can always try more complex ones.


Preparation for the exam.

  • Plan your goals according to specific certifications
  • Find a community with similar interests
  • Establish a regular study schedule
  • Use self-study materials
  • Take multiple tests on related certifications before the exam


Trends in Cloud solutions.

  • Integration of the existing data centers with a Cloud or a Multi-Cloud solution for hybrid workload models. Here, knowledge of several Clouds is a must-have
  • Cloud Solutions are easy to start work with and use the Pay-As-You-Go model, where after a while we end up with the same outcome: need for cost optimization
  • Combined with High-Performance Computing, AI/ML will give you an advantage over your competitors, which applies not only to Cloud users but also to the Cloud providers as well
  • Governance and Security: these two are always hand-in-hand, and never exit the trend charts.


To sum up, Cloud certifications are becoming increasingly important for developers who want to stay ahead in the game and bring more value to the client. With a wide range of certification options available from major Cloud providers, engineers at any level can find a suitable program to challenge themselves and expand their knowledge. By investing time and effort in exam preparation, self-study, and community engagement, developers can have peace of mind, build lasting relationships with clients, and keep up with the latest trends in Cloud computing. 

As the Cloud market continues to grow and evolve, the demand for skilled and certified professionals will only rise.

Oleksandr Holubenko
Senior DevOps at Innovecs
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