Cloud Mastery is the essential Skill for Developers in 2023. Let’s put some serious power in your hands

February 27, 2023 3 min read

Want to know the secret to successful digital transformation? In my opinion, it’s all about having a comprehensive Cloud Strategy & Data Platform. In today’s fast-paced and hyper-connected world, every action generates massive amounts of data that need to be stored, analyzed, and transformed into actionable insights.   

That’s where Innovecs comes in! We help organizations optimize their data and cloud strategy, so you can focus on what really matters creating value for your customers. Our team of experts will handle the complexities of developing and managing your cloud migration, application innovation, data estate modernization strategies.   

We’re professionals at developing Data & AI-led analytics solutions on the Intelligent Data Platform, backed by a well-thought-out models balanced between value for cost of cloud analytics services, the scalability and performance of databases.    

Within the complex Data modernization, Innovecs cloud consultants build advanced data governance models, integrating with consistent cloud services, such as Microsoft Purview and AWS Glue, Data Pipeline, and Data Catalog etc. Our cloud solution architects will make sure your data is managed, cataloged, infused with AI intelligences and accessible when you need it, all the while making sure to comply with data access policies.   

We’re always looking ahead to the latest upcoming & in-preview technology aimed at helping our clients’ business succeed through Innovations and Intelligence.  

That’s why we’re partnering with AWS and collaborating with Microsoft, so that you can be sure you’re getting the best and most up-to-date solutions available, and immediate training on adoption.  


Cloud is disrupting the tech industry already in 2023. Cloud is like an endless library – you can basically pick any book and read it for years 


Why do I believe that? Let’s have a quick look at Predictions for 2023: 

  • Intelligent Data platform which deeply integrates databases, analytics, BI and data governance products into a unified platform integrated with the Cloud. 
  • Cryptocurrencies are set for a comeback later in 2023 as monetary policies soften and interest rates decrease.   
  • Enterprises will focus on creating value using cutting-edge Metaverse tools like 3D/XR, AI, and Blockchain.   
  • Generative AI is going to take a giant leap forward, with mind-blowing advancements in Text, Audio, Music, Video, and 3D. We can’t wait for GPT4.  
  • NFTs will finally find their true value.   
  • Hyperscaler will expand its Mesh program to meet the growing needs of the Enterprise Metaverse. Get ready for the launch of MetaVRse Engine 2.0!   

Now, let’s talk about cloud computing. According to Gartner, cloud services are expected to grow by 20.7% to reach a total of $591.8 billion in 2023. However, many companies have yet to fully embrace the cloud and have a solid cloud strategy in place. A cloud strategy should outline the best practices, technologies, and services to use, and it’s essential for companies looking to improve and innovate their operations. 


Why do software engineers need Cloud technology skills?  


Digital transformation is all about having a solid cloud strategy. For a tech professional, it’s vital to be familiar with the most efficient cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud services, intelligent automation, and AI in order to keep up with organizations’ demand & expectations and stay relevant in the industry. Cloud and AI play a crucial role in innovation, optimization, and modernization strategies. Cloud-native technologies are changing how applications are designed, built, deployed and operationalized.    

Microsoft is dedicated to making AI accessible for everyone, and as a tech professional, you are empowered and lucky to touch all these innovations at their outset. Recently Microsoft has launched the advanced tools like GPT, DALL-E, and Codex, which are all available for use on Azure cloud. With these tools every developer can become data scientists and machine learning engineers rapidly with the help of Azure Machine Learning services and in a fast-track mode.    

Cloud technology is also transforming software development. GitHub Copilot is one such platform that helps developers write better code, faster and easier, with AI-assisted coding.   

As an application development engineer, you can start using cloud technology with platforms like Power Platform, Express Design, and Power Apps. With Power Apps, you can even upload a hand-drawn sketch and turn it into a working app just by describing what you want to do in natural language. Power Automate can also be AI-powered with Copilot, helping developers automate processes with suggested flows. By being skilled in the cloud, you can feel more fulfilled and less frustrated when coding, as the code essentially writes itself.  


What Cloud skills should developers improve in 2023?  


Cloud computing and server-side rendering are going to get even better and more affordable, leading to a surge in cloud investments and acquisitions.   

In light of this, it’s important for developers to also focus on DevOps culture and its integration across the organization. Machine learning is becoming increasingly prevalent in digital native companies, and with MLOps, developers, operations, and data science teams can collaborate effectively. MLOps mastery is the new paradigm for engineers striving for excellence in data-fueled domains.   

Cybersecurity is another crucial area of concern, as the rapid increase in sophisticated attacks is reducing the effectiveness of traditional IT security methods. With a mix of cloud and on-premises infrastructure, employees using personal devices, and data existing in more places than ever, ZeroTrust Security competence has become an absolute must-have for tech professionals.   


How innovecsers can develop their Cloud expertise? 


At Innovecs, we’re already implementing the foundational technologies of modern cloud to meet the digital needs of organizations. We believe that by 2023, every engineer should have a solid understanding of cloud technology to be able to work at the forefront of innovation.   

This is why we’re investing in our employees, helping them to master DevOps, MLOps, AI, Security, cloud-first architecture, and cloud-native applications development. The sky is the limit with cloud-first technology, and at Innovecs, we’re building the foundation for our employees to drive outcomes and transform, not just our company and clients, but the entire industry and the world.  

Innovecs Cloud Upskilling Program’s mission is being a partner to our engineers on their path to improvement. And InnoCamp’s task is to implement the international standards that certification provides in our projects. 

Innovecs recently saw over 50 participants join the Cloud Upskilling Program. The training is conducted internally and follows a cohort-style approach, where a group of 3 to 20 individuals study together for 6 weeks. We hold a weekly review session to monitor their progress, review what has been covered, plan upcoming lessons, and address any difficulties encountered.  

This Program highlights the company’s commitment to professional development for the team and staying current in the ever-evolving tech industry.  

In 2021, we solidified our presence in the international market by becoming a Select Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS).  

Looking ahead, Innovecs is taking the next steps in its journey by broadening its services, elevating its skills to a higher level, and forging a technology partnership with Microsoft.


Seeking to join the Cloud Upskilling Program? Please, drop a line at I am looking forward to hearing from my teammates and to helping the Innovecs team to grow professionally.  


Anna Doroshenko
VP Cloud Practice at Innovecs
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