Four reasons why Innovecs attended InfoShare Сonference 2022 in Poland

October 7, 2022

Innovecs has achieved significant results in the market, providing services to clients globally for over a decade. As a global company, we are focused on knowledge sharing and creating innovative ideas as well as building new networking opportunities. Therefore, we took part in Infoshare Conference 2022 the Biggest Tech Conference in CEE which was held at AmberExpo in Gdańsk, Poland on October 6-7. This event was a great networking venue and place where we could meet like-minded professionals.

This is the first global offline event since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. So, now is the perfect time for offline events, especially in the new market, for live networking with candidates and partners to answer their questions and build a human-to-human approach. The conference is held at a high level: perfectly selected speakers, exciting content, loads of networks, and a proactive audience.

Our representatives attended Infoshare Сonference 2022 — Maryna Miliutina, Country Manager in Poland at Innovecs, Adam Bozsoki, Managing Director of CEE at Innovecs and Alina Scherbyna, Head of Talent Marketing and Events at Innovecs, and others. They discuss Innovecs’ participation in the event and share four reasons why it was pivotal to attend InfoShare Сonference 2022.

Reason 1: To find business partners and meet the brightest minds in the CEE tech arena

Maryna Miliutina, Country Manager in Poland at Innovecs reported that: “We have great plans for new partnerships. InfoShare is the biggest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe and is the perfect place for gaining experiences and establishing new connections. By participating in such events, Innovecs has an opportunity to communicate with local tech talents, candidates, and competitors. Also, this conference is a great chance to see our colleagues from Ukraine”.

In addition, we can learn and grow — meet the brightest minds in the CEE IT market, people we can work with, and future team members. It gives us valuable information about a new market, new connections, and an opportunity to realize how to dive into the European market more.

Hopefully, it will help our potential partners and tech talents discover our benefits and values due to having face-to-face communication with representatives of our Talent Acquisition team, Country managers of Poland and the CEE region, and innovecsers from other departments. Attendees will be able to receive gifts from Innovecs and keep a part of us with themselves.

Reason 2: To present ourselves to the Polish market, develop and share unique skills in the workshops

When representing Innovecs in the global market, especially in the Polish market, we learn more about local tech talents’ needs, hopes, and expectations, as well as share our key messages due to the offline format.

Alina Scherbyna, Head of Talent Marketing and Events at Innovecs commented that: “Сhoose a lifestyle, not a job. It is our key message about Innovecs for tech talents. At Innovecs, you can work from anywhere you want (home, office, or hub) and anytime you want. We have flexible working hours to attend a fitness community in the middle of the workday. Also, interact with specialists from different departments due to our communities, education activities, and events.”

Besides representing Innovecs, we can develop unique skills in workshops, stay in touch with the latest tech news, meet like-minded professionals, and share our expertise with them. For over a decade, Innovecs has provided successful worldwide services with more than 850 people on the team. We provide Cloud Services, Mobile App Development, UX/UI, Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Game Development so that people will understand what our focus is.

Our values — Innovate, Inspire, and Care. We represent these values internally, to our team, and externally to our partners. These values have to be associated with us in the European tech field.

Reason 3: To expand a presence in Europe and understand the labor market better

This year we are on expanding globally. We are strong, stable, and confident enough to open new regional services simultaneously, which shows our dedication to the market. Innovecs is strengthening its presence in Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America (Colombia), opening new regional hubs across Europe — Poland, Hungary, and Georgia. As a strategic move, it connects us to the European tech market more now than ever.

Adam Bozsoki, Managing Director of CEE at Innovecs explained: “Participation in any offline or online events is crucial. First, the audience can know more about the company because of our visibility to IT crowds. We have a vast background of experience and are a good employer.”  

Innovecs has ambitious plans for the Polish market and Eastern European region. We are actively developing and forming a multinational team. We also strive to grow engineering leadership in Poland and build a community of tech leaders here. Infoshare is a platform that brings together the largest tech community in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Adam added that, “Presence at local events serves as a positive meter. We can hear about hot topics in the industry and the latest changes, communicate our message to the audience, and feel how the market is. But what is more important is getting instant feedback from others. The more people we talk to, the more events we participate in — the more chance we get to be more sophisticated and tailor ourselves to the market’s needs.

Reason 4: To network with important players and decision-makers in the IT  field and come up with tech-notch ideas

The InfoShare conference will help us in the regional approach by creating an opportunity to meet important players and decision-makers in our field, as well as tech talents: developers, testers, PMs, UI/UX, and other specialists.

Alina Scherbyna, Head of Talent Marketing and Events at Innovecs explained that: “This event is a perfect opportunity to introduce our employer brand to the local market. Networking will surely bring us closer to the Polish market and tailor to the local tech arena. Such events are one of the best places for networking because the audience has common goals. Network organization plays a vital role as speakers and the content of modern offline events. Networking is an investment in the future: you make acquaintances that will be useful in your career or business. More such acquaintances mean more opportunities. You surround yourself with different people with skills that you don’t have, but that can come in handy. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.” 

Alina gave several tips for effective networking. Please, follow these 4 principles

  1.     The first impression. Introduce yourself correctly with a few sentences, not only with general phrases such as your job title or the company you are working at.
  2.     Ask questions. Learn to ask open questions to make a person provide complete answers.
  3.     Electronic business cards. Make an NFC mark or a QR code that will lead a person to your social networks.
  4.     Bring value to a person. What can you propose to a person? How can you solve their problems? Professionals always respond to help with help.

And last but not least, we are convinced that by participating in InfoShare Сonference 2022 we contribute to Engineering Leadership development and build out prospering tech future together. We don’t say “Bye-bye”, we say “See you soon”.

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