Global Gift Delivery Manager – Join Us!

December 19, 2022


Are you ready to don your red hat and lead a global movement of joy and cheer? Innovecs, a global tech company with a whimsical twist, is on the hunt for a visionary Global Gift Delivery Manager*. With a presence from the North to the South, we’ve been spreading smiles for over a decade with our 850-strong team of merry-makers.

About The Joyful Initiative:

We’ve built an extraordinary platform that revolutionizes how the world thinks about gifting. Imagine a world where every “ho ho ho” is heard, and every stocking is stuffed with care. We’re delivering festive cheer through our innovative and automated gift campaigns.

Project Overview:

Our mission? To create an algorithm that not only knows if you’ve been naughty or nice but also automagically sends out the perfect gifts and jolly messages. We’re talking about a digital unboxing experience that will make your heart grow three sizes!

Taking on the role of Global Gift Delivery Manager at Innovecs last year was, without a doubt, the most exhilarating and rewarding experience of my career. Imagine being at the helm of a project that touches lives across the globe, using cutting-edge technology to bring joy and smiles to thousands. Our mission was ambitious but deeply fulfilling: developing an algorithm that not only understands the perfect gift for each individual but also ensures its delivery in the most magical way possible. This role is not just a job; it's an adventure in spreading happiness and creating moments that people will cherish forever.
Nicholas Jingleheim
2022 Global Gift Delivery Manager

Who Should Apply:

If you believe in the magic of the season, have a passion for reindeer-powered delivery systems, and can rock a red suit like no other, this role is for you. We’re looking for someone who’s not just here to spread joy but to redefine it.

🧝 Essential Elf-Like Qualities:

  • A minimum of 4 years in a workshop (or full-stack software engineering).
  • Proficient in Reindeer.js (Node.js) and ElfScript (React).
  • Experience with cloud sleigh technologies is a huge plus.


🎅 Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept:

  • Collaborate with elves to understand the wishes and dreams of the world.
  • Full ownership of the sleigh’s GPS (Gift Positioning System) from blueprint to flight.
  • Craft software that brings joy to the world, with well-tested, secure, and efficient code.
  • Upgrade the workshop with the latest toy-making (development) tools and processes.
  • Work closely with the North Pole’s customer support (Naughty or Nice List Inquiry Center) to resolve any festive hiccups.
  • Be active in spreading holiday cheer and shaping the culture of the happiest company on Earth.

Want to join our Sleigh Team, but you’re not located in the North Pole?

Leave it to us! Here’s ✨ a list of our hybrid and remote vacancies ✨ open in Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and other countries!

At Innovecs, you’re more than just an employee; you’re a part of a squad that values fun, creativity, and the season’s spirit. We believe in making work feel like a holiday every day. So, if you’re ready to make the world a merrier place, apply today!



*Disclaimer: This “vacancy” is just an effect of a festive burst of our creativity, but we still encourage you to check out the real openings we have on our website. 😉 Merry Christmas! 

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