How to keep your body and mental state in good shape: Innovecs team experience

August 11, 2023 6 min read

In today’s dynamic corporate world, people’s happiness stands at the forefront of success. From day one, Innovecs prioritizes the well-being of its team members and implements initiatives that nurture a healthy and harmonious work environment.

One of the initiatives that deeply reflect our commitment to our people is the community of interests, standing as a key pillar in maintaining our corporate culture.

Our dedication and efforts gained recognition on a global scale. Innovecs was honored to be awarded the prestigious Global Good Awards for the Employee Engagement & Well-being category and was shortlisted for the Employer Brand Management Awards. This milestone demonstrates our devotion to creating a positive and supportive workplace for innovecsers.

In the last year’s survey, our clubs of interest have proven their impact. 92% of program participants confirmed they had gained a new well-being experience, and 80% made new friends. Moreover, 83% reported that the communities significantly contributed to their mental and physical well-being. 

But let’s shift our gaze from mere statistics to the heartfelt stories of the community members. We talked to six innovecsers and gathered their experience.


Running Community

One of our most active clubs of interest is Running Community. Starting as a simple after-work running initiative among teammates, it has become a thriving group of running enthusiasts. Together, they have joined charitable runs and embraced various challenges, including Sunrise Run and winter marathons.

Here’s how Dmytro Hryshchenko, a member of the Running Community, describes his experience.


Tennis Community

As the sun rises, a dedicated group of tennis enthusiasts gathers on the court every week. Beyond our collective passion, we spend time with each other, engage in friendly matches, and upgrade our skills. This morning ritual sets the tone for the entire week, infusing us with a shared sense of connection.

Let’s hear what Alina Horai, a member of the Tennis Community, shares about her activity.

Table Tennis Community

Once you start playing table tennis with us, quitting will be hard. Table tennis can enhance your agility and keep the brain active in a fun way due to the incredibly high speed of the ball. And our experienced coach helps innovecsers learn to play technically.

Let’s see what Vasyl Mysiura says about this fantastic sport.


Football Community

Every Monday, our Football community members prove they can shine against all odds. They come to our training at a sports center and show what they are made of. The desire of our football team to continuously improve and excel is evident through our active participation in tournaments that yield remarkable results.

Here’s how Andrii Hutsaliuk, a member of the Football Community, describes his experience.


Esports Community

When we delve into the realm of our Esports Community, it’s not just about supporting a hobby – it’s a platform to develop strategic thinking, leadership, and communication skills. Moreover, as part of this community, each innovecser has an opportunity to find like-minded individuals, forming lasting friendships and a shared passion for competitive gaming.

Let’s see what Bohdan Yefimtsev says about this awesome sport.


Cooking Community

The Cooking community is where food enthusiasts come together to find inspiration, share recipes, and support each other. Together, we learn, grow, and savor the pleasures that cooking and good food bring to our lives.

Here’s how Nataliia Horova, a member of the Cooking Community, describes her food adventure.


We hope that these words will be a source of inspiration for you to add new hobbies and activities to your life. And we believe that we will be able to achieve even more in the future by creating new useful initiatives for our incredible team.

Nataliia Horova
PR&Media Relations Specialist
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