“I feel valued and believe I have much to offer and receive in return.” — Teodora Cristina Trif, a BDM at Innovecs Romania

June 18, 2024 4 min read

As Romania makes its mark in the global tech industry, the western part of the country is emerging as a key player. This area, known for bridging Western and Eastern Europe, combines rich history with modern tech ambitions, creating a dynamic space for tech professionals.

In this second article of our series “Innovecs in Romania,” we’re sharing personal stories from our Romanian team to get to know them better and explore industry trends. We spoke with Teodora Cristina Trif, a Business Development Manager at Innovecs. Her creative drive and role in delivering exceptional customer experiences highlight how the region’s cultural heritage and tech growth come together, showcasing the unique impact of Romanian talent in the global tech scene.


Teodora, could you tell us about your personal and professional background?

I currently reside in Oradea, situated in the western part of Romania, close to the Hungarian border. I am a creative person and gravitate towards roles that resonate with my interests. I am passionate about my professional path and always strive to excel in both life and work. I find inspiration in others and aim to inspire those around me.


What is it about Innovecs that aligns so well with your values?

I deeply care about people, which aligns perfectly with one of the Innovecs values, a company I am proud to work at. Having worked in global companies before, I really appreciate the diverse and inclusive environment at Innovecs. This setting is ideal for personal and professional growth, far wider than the niche sectors found in other global companies.


How have your international experiences and cultural interactions shaped your professional approach?

I have always been fascinated by other cultures and the varied professional approaches they bring. Perfecting my skills has been a lifelong endeavor that has not only helped me personally but has also enabled me to assist others. Romanians are typically ambitious, striving to give their best, work hard, and simultaneously be warm and welcoming — qualities that make us excellent at interacting with various cultures.


Can you describe your role within the company?

As a Business Development Manager, developing and delivering top-notch customer Innovation is integral to my role, and I am often the first point of contact for customers, necessitating openness and professionalism to provide all necessary answers. In my experience, Innovecs truly lives by its motto, fostering a professional and warm multicultural environment. This approach would greatly benefit Romanian culture, making us more globally oriented.


How do you balance your personal interests with your professional responsibilities?

Since completing my studies, I have never stopped learning — through books, webinars, courses, documentaries, and various outdoor activities that help balance the sedentary nature of remote work. I enjoy hiking, traveling, and engaging in sports which keep me grounded.

Working remotely has made me more organized and allowed me to develop artistic and creative skills, such as painting and DIY. It has also enhanced my ability to quickly connect with people from different cities and cultures. My decision to move to another city after 12 years was driven by a desire for joy, personal growth, and new opportunities. Professionally, everything is thriving, thanks to my role in an international company.


What would you say to people considering joining Innovecs Romania?

Join our multicultural, professional, global, and friendly team. Working with us is a pleasant experience every day; you will feel appreciated, supported, and valued. For the first time, I am truly comfortable in my workplaceI feel valued and believe I have much to offer and receive in return.

Nataliia Horova
PR & Communications Manager
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