“I genuinely enjoy working with people.” — Roxana Maria Sabau, Senior Recruiter at Innovecs Romania

May 9, 2024 7 min read

Romania’s tech sector is currently experiencing a significant surge, making it one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing areas of the country’s economy. In recent years, the industry has witnessed a remarkable increase in startups and established tech companies attracted by Romania’s skilled employees and strategic location in Europe. According to recent data, the tech industry’s contribution to Romania’s GDP has more than doubled over the past five years, showcasing impressive growth and innovation. Flourishing tech hubs in cities like Bucharest, Timișoara, Iași, and, notably, Cluj-Napoca are driving the growth in Romania’s tech sector.

According to the Digital 2024 report for Romania, an exciting uptick in digital consumption has further propelled the tech sector. Social media usage continues to climb, with platforms like YouTube and TikTok experiencing significant increases in user numbers, suggesting a tech-savvy population ready to engage with digital innovations.

This article is the first in a series that aims to explore the Romanian tech landscape through the personal stories of local team members. Our first hero is Roxana Maria Sabau, a Senior Recruiter at Innovecs.


Roxana, can you tell us about your background and how you transitioned to the tech industry?

I started my career as a Project Manager, leveraging my degree in international relations. My former manager noticed my strong interpersonal skills and recommended I switch to recruitment. I tried an agency and quickly realized this was where my passion lay —  I genuinely enjoy working with people. After a stint there, I transitioned to full-time recruitment, finding it incredibly fulfilling despite the challenges. My journey in tech specifically started when I joined a cybersecurity firm, which opened my eyes to the opportunities in tech recruitment.

What drew you to Innovecs, and how has your experience been so far?

I was drawn to Innovecs because it felt closer to the connection I sought in a workplace — it’s a global tech company with the biggest delivery hub in Ukraine. Geographically and culturally relative, a sense of understanding and closeness enhances the work environment. This proximity includes a mental and emotional connection that aligns with my values, fostering a team environment that feels like a family.

We have initiatives like “CEO Talks” that help foster team unity and provide transparency across the company. In these sessions, C-level executives directly respond to all questions and regularly offer feedback, ensuring every team member stays informed and connected.

The recruitment process here was swift, a sign of the efficient workflows essential in the tech industry. From the start, I enjoyed the atmosphere and realized the benefits and resources were excellent, indicative of an inclusive company. I also explored the company’s Instagram, which portrayed a young, informal work atmosphere, contrasting with more strict, formal companies.


How does Cluj-Napoca compare to other tech hubs in Romania?

Apart from being a cultural capital, Cluj-Napoca stands out as a dynamic tech hub. The city’s dynamic nature is evident through its amenities and community-driven tech events. One of the notable events is Techsylvania, a leading technology gathering in Eastern Europe, which brings together tech experts from around the world to share ideas, innovations, and insights.

At Cluj-Napoca, it feels like living in a corporate commercial, bustling and brimming with energy. The concentration of tech companies here and the ongoing demand elevate the stakes, pushing salaries higher and creating a competitive yet vibrant tech scene. This city is not necessarily more prominent in tech PR than Bucharest, but it’s fruitful for tech professionals.


Could you discuss the cultural aspects of working in Romania that you find unique?

Romanians are open, talkative, and friendly, aligning well with what I see in American culture. We have a willingness to engage and a curiosity that drives our social interactions. In the workplace, transparency is highly valued. Clear communication from the start is essential, especially in recruitment, where understanding client and candidate needs is crucial.

Since joining Innovecs, I’ve focused more on the Romanian market, which has pros and cons. The benefits include no language barriers and a clear understanding of local formal and informal processes. However, the challenges come from the higher salaries in tech hubs like Cluj-Napoca, which reflect the intense demand and create a high-cost environment. Moreover, comparing the tax advantages in other countries like Poland sometimes puts us in a tough situation. However, these challenges also push us to innovate and improve constantly.


How do you balance work and personal life in such a demanding field?

Innovecs promotes a structured environment, which significantly aids in maintaining a work-life balance. This contrasts with previous roles where the lack of a schedule led to chaotic days. We operate under a “Greenhouse model” where everything is streamlined and efficient, from scheduling interviews to updating candidate statuses. We use tools like Zoho for routine tasks, simplifying my daily routine and helping track work hours effectively. This structure helps me stay focused, which often accompanies more flexible schedules, allowing me to manage my work effectively even when dealing with different time zones and handling calls with the US or Australia.



Roxana’s story provides a window into the dynamics of Romania’s tech industry, reflecting the personal and professional growth of being part of this vibrant scene. Through her story, we gain insights into the challenges and rewarding opportunities that characterize Romania’s tech landscape today.

We thank Roxana for all the insights.

Stay tuned for more stories from our Romanian team.

Nataliia Horova
PR & Communications Manager
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