InnoClub News: An active summer and fiery beginning to autumn together with the community

October 12, 2022

The history of InnoClub Communities began five years ago when, in the breaks between tasks, Innovecsers started to arrange table tennis games. Every year our teammates discovered more and more talents and started creating new communities on their own initiative. 

Nowadays, Innovecs has about 12 Communities for hobbies and interests united under one umbrella called ‘InnoClub’.

Every day InnoClub opens an opportunity to try something new, become stronger, and take another step toward your dream. So, for the last three months, our teammates had no chance to be bored. Together we participated in challenges, championships, and activities from InnoClub: 


 Wellness Challenge by Fitness Community: for three weeks our teammates worked on several important areas of life, namely:  

  • sports and regular activity 
  •  healthy eating 
  • overcoming mental obstacles. 

All teammates who regularly participated in all of the items above received helpful gifts from the community: a massage roll for the body, a book, and goodies from Maslo TOM. 

In addition, the TOP-5 leaders of the challenge, who accumulated the most points for completing the tasks, received bonus prizes – a rope and mat for sports. 

However, everyone received the main gift — excellent health, strong legs, arms, and self-confidence! 

How was the challenge for Innovecs teammates? Read in our blog.


Waking up at 4 am to meet the first dawn of autumn with the Running Community? Easy. Let’s GO! 

The Innovecs Running Community couldn’t let the summer end and do nothing. That’s why InnoClub organized the Sunrise Run to meet the first autumn sun together.


Our Chess Community members improved their strategic thinking this summer at an online chess tournament. Each participant received a nice patriotic gift, and the winners received additional prizes. 


 Football Community is back! From now on, every Monday at 6:30 pm, our Kyiv team gathers at the “Spartak” football fields near the office, trains with the coach, and arranges exciting games. But this is not the only news. After all, now our football community competes in an online format in the Champions League Competitions. Join and compete with us.

Table Tennis Community is gaining momentum. Innovecsers continue to train in our Kyiv office with a professional coach because the traditional Table Tennis Tournament will be waiting for us soon. 

Tennis Community is also not far behind and resumed its activity in August. During this time, members of our community have already managed to participate in a tennis tournament from Although the training took only one month, Innovecs’ athletes showed high results. So, we gather every week on the Kyiv Meridian courts and train future champions. 

In August, our Public Speaking Community organized a presentation and public speaking skills course. The course trainer was Mykhailo Myskun, a professional coach for TV presenters, politicians, artists, and public figures. During four intensive weeks, community members improved their presentation skills and self-confidence, learned about four types of audiences, and honed the principles of preparing for public speaking. Join our Public Speaking Community because here you can watch a recording of our public speaking course and practice the art of presentation.


At the beginning of September, our Inno2X Community organized a webinar where, together with Taras Huk, an attorney and consultant in tax, immigration, and international law, we shared valuable tips on how to manage your finances under the current conditions: 

– How to profitably convert currency without losses due to exchange rate differences. 

– Taxes and tax residency in other countries. How Ukrainians abroad can avoid double taxation. 

– Using Payoneer and Wise under martial law. 

– Investments in securities when prohibited by the NBU. 

Therefore, we share with you the webinar recording where you will find answers to these and other financial questions.

InnoClub Active Sports & Extreme Club Community didn’t wait for an Indian summer but organized a driving autumn kayak ride. Our community’s journey stretched 6 kilometers and ran along the picturesque Desna River around Trident Island. Among us were experienced participants and those who had their first such experience.   Everyone stuck together, helping and encouraging each other. At the finish line, warm mulled wine, a barbecue, and fun discussion about impressions from the rides awaited everyone. Stay tuned to the Innovecs News channel and join the next adventure with InnoClub. 

Esports Community has also resumed its regular training sessions. You can join games from the community both online and offline. Do you play CS: GO, or are you interested in other computer games and looking for teammates? Join the community, and let’s play together.

An active autumn and winter season with InnoClub is waiting for us. 

So, join our communities, take part in Meet-Ups, training, and adventures, get new experiences, have a great time with teammates, and earn additional ambassador points and gifts for active community members. 





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