Innovecs Initiates Charitable Contributions for the Benefit of Leleka Foundation

June 12, 2023

Innovecs, a global digital transformation tech company, has started its support to the Leleka Foundation through a recent charitable contribution. This organization, founded in December 2014, aims to provide essential medical and first-aid supplies to paramedics, emergency crews, and hospitals in Ukraine.

The recent Innovecs donation will support the foundation’s ongoing efforts to procure and distribute vital medical supplies, aiding the brave individuals on the front lines of healthcare in Ukraine.

Among the equipment and systems supplied by our company are innovative combat evacuation systems. Talon II 90C is the most versatile and compact evacuation and treatment litter available today. Developed to meet the U.S. Army’s requirement to provide urgent casualty evacuation from the battlefield. By simply extending the ergonomically designed handles, it transitions to a standard NATO-compatible evacuation platform.  

It has also procured SAM Junctional Tourniquets. This medical equipment is designed to control hemorrhages and bleeding in inguinal or axilla areas. Where standard tourniquets may not be applicable, SJT can be applied in under 25 seconds, controlling bleeding and immobilizing pelvic fractures. 

Innovecs recognizes the significance of the Leleka Foundation’s mission and the importance of its work in the current challenging times. Ukraine has been confronted with a full-scale war, and while Innovecs has been actively engaged on the economic front, the company is equally committed to contributing to the well-being of the nation through volunteering projects.

Upholding its commitment to social responsibility, Innovecs has focused its volunteer efforts on assisting military medics, who tirelessly save the lives of Ukraine’s defenders on a daily basis. By extending support to the Leleka Foundation, Innovecs aims to amplify its impact further and contribute to the cause of peace, happiness, home, and family — the very essence symbolized by the Ukrainian word ‘LELEKA,’ which translates to ‘stork’ in English.

The company looks forward to further collaboration with Leleka Foundation to create a meaningful and lasting impact.


About Innovecs

Innovecs is a global digital transformation tech company with offices in the US, the UK, the EU, Latin America, Israel, Australia, and Ukraine. Specializing in software solutions, the Innovecs team has experience in Supply Chain & Logistics, FinTech, Healthtech, Software & Hightech, and Gaming.

For the fifth year in a row, Innovecs was included in the Inc. 5.000, the list of fastest-growing private companies in the US, and a ranking of the best global outsourcing companies. In 2023, Innovecs was included in the Global Outsourcing 100® list of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP®) for the fifth time in a row. In 2021, Innovecs received the AWS Select Consulting Partner status in the AWS partner network.


About Leleka Foundation

​Leleka Foundation is a US-registered charity providing critical medical supplies to the Army of Ukraine, territorial defense units, and medical emergency brigades in various regions of Ukraine affected by the brutal Russian invasion. The organization has been supporting Ukraine since Leleka Foundation’s establishment in 2014, focusing on medical supplies and casualty evacuation equipment for the Ukrainian Army, as well as other socially important projects (rehabilitation of injured soldiers, psychological support, support to hospitals).

Since then, the foundation has gained unique expertise in tactical combat care and emergency trauma supplies, allowing us to know precisely what the front-line medical professionals need to save precious lives.


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