Innovecs proudly announces cooperation with Nerd.Management

September 30, 2022

Innovecs, the global digital transformation tech company, has announced that it will partner with Nerd.Management to spread engineering leadership culture within the CEE tech talent arena, especially in the Polish market.


Nerd Management is an initiative that aims to help all new leaders. Their work helps high-skilled specialists who are working towards promotion and changing career paths in the direction of leadership.


As part of Innovecs’ corporate values implementation, the company is going to work together with the Polish tech community Nerd.Management to inform IT specialists about an engineering leadership concept on various online platforms. 


Paweł Rekowski, Co-Host and Co-Founder at Nerd.Management shared his vision:

“At Nerd Management we believe that sharing knowledge is the most important thing for developing yourself and others. The more we share, the more we get back and grow the community. Nobody should have a monopoly on knowledge, so it’s important to use any opportunity possible to collaborate. We hope that our partnership will allow more and more people to access free, open knowledge, without any borders.”  


This partnership is an opportunity to recognize the best practices of engineers who have the potential to bring digital transformation in all spheres to make the world a better place. The partnership aims to support and upskill engineers in the high-tech sphere, and deliver hands-on experience to build amazing careers in tech in collaboration and symbiosis with their team members ecologically. 


Krzysztof Rakowski, Co-Host and Co-Founder at Nerd.Management, commented that:

“Engineering Leadership is a difficult concept because it doesn’t just include classic leadership qualities and skills, but also technical knowledge and organization. Engineering leaders coming from a technical background have to work hard on their soft skills. On the other hand, those who come from a business background need to learn a lot of technology or frameworks and methods specific to our field. Engineering Leaders need to feel comfortable in both fields, learn quickly, work in a fast-paced environment, and be agile and resilient.”  


Led by experienced engineering leaders and industry experts, joint workshops, expert articles, podcasts, and meet-ups will be designed to the needs of developers and IT pros at every career level.


Alina Shcherbyna, Head of Talent Marketing and Events at Innovecs, shared, 

“We’re excited to be working with Nerd. Management because our missions are aligned at the deepest level of impact. We look forward to unlocking opportunities for engineers in IT around the world together and helping them get to the next level. Knowledge of this sort requires more than just a couple of workshops or reading a few articles online. Although any source of information can be useful, sharing practical experience and mentoring must be an ongoing, organic process.”

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