Inspiring Tech Ladies of Innovecs: Through Teammates’ Stories About Them

March 8, 2024 4 min read

At Innovecs, we strongly believe in the power of our three core values — Innovate, Inspire, and Care. Today, we are shining the spotlight on the stories of truly remarkable and inspiring women of Innovecs.

What makes these stories even more remarkable is the feedback from their peers. It’s one thing to feel proud of your achievements, but it’s an entirely different experience when your impact is recognized and celebrated by those around you. The feedback about these women highlights their leadership, empathy, technical prowess, and ability to motivate others.

Through the lens of teammates’ feedback, we bring you closer to the journeys of these extraordinary individuals who excel in their roles and inspire others around them.


Source of Inspiration: Self-Organization

Self-organization and continuous learning are essential components of professional growth. Here’s what Olha Kolomiiets, Senior QA Engineer, shares about Svitlana Rumiantseva, Senior Delivery Manager:

“Svitlana inspires with self-organization, emotional intelligence, and expertise. She has a constant thirst for learning. And personally, for me, she is a wonderful woman with a light soul and a broad worldview,” Olha Kolomiiets, Senior QA Engineer, about Svitlana Rumiantseva, Senior Delivery Manager.

Source of Inspiration: Role Model

Reflecting on the transition from her first days at Innovecs to now, Mariia Voitsyshyn, Learning & Development Specialist, honors an inspiring Anna Grynevych, Lead HR Business Partner, highlighting her exceptional qualities:

“From my very first day at Innovecs up to the present moment, I’ve been continuously inspired by the strong and unique women within our team. Among them, I’d like to highlight Anna particularly. Her exceptional confidence, professionalism, intelligence, and high self-organization are admirable. Moreover, she is my role model in reading” — Mariia Voitsyshyn, Learning & Development Specialist, about Anna Grynevych, Lead HR Business Partner.


Source of Inspiration: Creating Space for Growth

Highlighting the experience of working alongside intelligent women at Innovecs, Andrii Hutsaliuk, DevOps Engineer, shares his gratitude and insights into the collaborative journey with Olena Ratova, Delivery Manager:

“I’m fortunate for the opportunity to collaborate with intelligent women here at Innovecs. I knew Olena when she wasn’t a manager. She, in particular, has been instrumental in growing my career journey. I value how our company recognizes the merit and talent of inspiring women, creating a space where they can excel and contribute on equal footing,” Andrii Hutsaliuk, DevOps Engineer, about Olena Ratova, Delivery Manager.


Source of Inspiration: Motivate your Team

Capturing the daily inspiration, Oleksandr Nevhad, Senior Technical Artist, reflects on the impact Svitlana Rumiantseva, Senior Delivery Manager, has had on his professional development and views on leadership:

“Svitlana inspires everyone around her every day! Her example encourages me to take new highs on my career path. She is an example of a successful and intelligent leader!” — Oleksandr Nevhad, Senior Technical Artist, about Svitlana Rumiantseva, Senior Delivery Manager.


Source of Inspiration: Overcoming Challenges

Tetiana Kipot, QA Engineer, shares her admiration and motivation drawn from Olha Kolomiiets, Senior QA Engineer, who demonstrates unwavering dedication to growth and self-improvement despite challenges:

“From the first interview, I was impressed by Olha as a Team Lead who knows her stuff. I remember the first days of work when I could not understand how she kept so much in her head. She is a person who never gets tired of developing and self-improvement despite all the difficulties and fatigue. This motivates me a lot, and I am also drawn to development next to such a Team Lead,” — Tetiana Kipot, QA Engineer, about Olha Kolomiiets, Senior QA Engineer.


Source of Inspiration: Sky’s the Limit

Oleksii Ponomarov, Software Engineer, expresses his admiration for Karyna Prykhodko, Delivery Manager, highlighting her inspiring ascent to a managerial role and her recent achievement at the Innovecs Awards 2023 as a testament to the power of talent and perseverance:

“I’m really inspired by Karyna’s career journey! I mean, climbing up to a managerial position takes some serious talent and hard work, both of which she definitely has. It’s super motivating, you know? Also, Karyna achieved the Inspire at the Innovecs Awards 2023! Talk about proof that if you’ve got the skills and the drive, the sky’s the limit!” — Oleksii Ponomarov, Software Engineer, about Karyna Prykhodko, Delivery Manager.


Source of Inspiration: Feel Valued

Nataliia Nahorna, Travel Specialist, shares her enthusiasm and respect for Olha Prykhno, CPO/CFO, describing her as a “Hearts Leader” due to her compassionate nature, dedication to excellence, and inclusive leadership style that fosters a sense of value and loyalty among her team members:

“I’m really inspired and passionate about working with Olha. She’s a true Hearts’ Leader. Her approachable and compassionate nature and her unwavering commitment to excellence make you feel confident and loyal. And what’s awesome is how Olha is always open to hearing my perspective, which makes me feel valued. Working under her leadership and getting her support is truly a privilege,” —  Nataliia Nahorna, Travel Specialist, about Olha Prykhno, CPO/CFO.


Source of Inspiration: Providing Guidance and Support

Natasha Victoria van Vliet, HR Generalist, expresses her gratitude and admiration for Vitalina Zahrai, HR Director, commending her visionary leadership and the personalized mentorship and support she provides, which has significantly contributed to her professional development and confidence within the Innovecs team:

“Vitalina is a visionary leader who inspires and empowers the Innovecs team. Ever since I joined, she’s been there providing guidance and mentorship, offering feedback and support every step of the way. Vitalina helped me navigate my professional journey, identify my strengths, and explore new avenues for growth,” Natasha Victoria van Vliet, HR Generalist, about Vitalina Zahrai, HR Director.


Source of Inspiration: Inspiring Mentor

Sylwia Nowinska, PR & Communications Manager, shares her heartfelt appreciation for Olha Boiko, VP of Brand & Communications, highlighting her role as a guiding force and an inspiring mentor from the outset of her career at Innovecs, whose constant support has been instrumental in shaping her professional journey:

“Olha has been a guiding force in my career journey from my very first days at Innovecs. Her unwavering support has empowered me to navigate tasks and challenges in my role. Grateful to have such an inspiring mentor shaping my professional path,” — Sylwia Nowinska, PR & Communications Manager, about Olha Boiko, VP, Brand & Communications.


Source of Inspiration: Magnetic Charm

Andrii Poddubnyi, Engineering Director, praises Karyna Prykhodko, Delivery Manager, for her engaging demeanor, steadfast dedication, and charismatic leadership that not only commands deep respect but also significantly contributes to fostering growth, trust and meaningful relationships within the team:

“Her engagement, relentless commitment, and magnetic charm serve as a beacon of inspiration. Karyna is deeply esteemed and respected, and that showcases her dedication in nurturing growth, trust and fostering meaningful connections,” — Andrii Poddubnyi, Engineering Director, about Karyna Prykhodko, Delivery Manager.


Final Thoughts:

As we highlight these inspiring women, we celebrate their achievements and hope to encourage others within and outside Innovecs to pursue their dreams fervently. Their stories are not just narratives but beacons of inspiration for anyone looking to make a mark in their professional journey.

Cheers to all the inspiring women in our lives! Thank you for making our company sparkle and pushing us all to be our best selves.

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