Newcomer of the Month: Anastasiia Koronenko, Junior Software Engineer (Unity3D)

September 15, 2022

We spend most of our time at work, and being a part of a strong and tight-knit team can have a powerful impact on your job satisfaction. With its global expanse, Innovecs keeps nurturing its teams with new talents. 

In our Newcomer of the Month rubric series, we welcome new innovecsers from around the globe and help teammates get to know each other better. Today, we are honored to introduce our colleague Anastasiia Koronenko, Junior Software Engineer (Unity3D) from Ukraine. Let’s get familiar with her tech background, ambitious plans for the future, and what she appreciates at Innovecs most. 

— Hi Anastasiia! Tell us more about yourself. What is your educational background? Why did you join Innovecs?


I found my passion for the IT sphere early from my school days. Then, I received a higher education in the postgraduate study of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI), where my husband and I founded a robotics school for kids. But my world changed so quickly when I got pregnant. I dedicated three years to my child, after which I was ready to return to work. 


For me, a company is not just an organization where I work, it’s a vast part of my life. When choosing a job, I want to be sure I will find a balance between my life and work. And, be able to develop both as a tech specialist and as a person.

Innovecs values and nurtures its team members; you can feel it from the first day here. For example, I passed the best onboarding I’ve ever had, immediately immersed in the Innovecs’ atmosphere. There, I heard about InnoClub and couldn’t miss an opportunity to join one of the communities. Now I am a member of the Fitness community, where we share our achievements and get closer to each other. 


— It would be interesting to hear more about your professional and personal ambitions. Could you share? 


For sure. I have a list of plans, which I will gladly share with you. 


  • I want to become an architect in game design, and I believe this is possible to achieve at Innovecs. In the near future I plan to take an Architect course on Unity and receive an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. 
  • One of my most ambitious goals is to join the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice (WIGJ), which supports women, creates educational opportunities, and involves them in participating in game processes. 
  • I want to learn an oratorical art to present ideas, share my experience, and support girls in IT even more. (By the way, I took part in the Public Speaking course at Innovecs, which brought me closer to my goal). 
  • To participate in the Women Game Jam and present Ukraine internationally. 




— How about well-being? Do you manage to combine your job with your hobbies? 


I admire robotics, both cybernetic components, and neurobionics. As a student I went to international Roborace competitions. Autonomous robots, which are guided by sensors, compete on the racing route. 

As I mentioned before, together with my husband who is a Java developer, we founded a school of robotics for children and experimented with our projects for Google Play. 

Now this knowledge helps me to make games using artificial intelligence. I have created many games about transformers, robots, machines of different types, tractors, aircraft, helicopters, and more. 

Together with my daughter, I discover new games, technologies, and trends. She is the new generation that motivates me always stay up to date. 


— What do you most appreciate in corporate culture? How do you evaluate teamwork collaboration at Innovecs? 


I am pleasantly amazed that the stated values ​​of the company are true. 

The following are the key points in working with the team: 


  • Team members feel that we work for one purpose, and have a shared responsibility; 
  • Constant support; 
  • Assistance in resolving any issue; 
  • Trust and belief in the team leader; 
  • The ability to discuss and participate in project decisions; 
  • Transparency of communications at all levels; 
  • Fast and effective feedback; 
  • Ecological communication. 



— In your opinion, what is the key to effective and successful communications in global companies? 


It’s vital to have a culture of transparency. Employees should know they can regularly communicate with the CEO and discuss the company’s key news. 

Also, global companies can provide corporate training and joint activities to bring people together. 



— What knowledge and skills can you gain from working in multicultural teams? 


Innovation. You can gain experience, vision, and information not limited by one region. 

Involvement. Sharing success with colleagues inspires and motivates you to develop and grow as a specialist. 


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