Newcomer of the month: Rahman Mustafayev, Full-Stack Software Engineer (Go)

August 3, 2022 3 min read

A multicultural environment is one of the strong aspects of global companies. Needless to say, communicating with teammates from other countries enables thinking out of the box and is a great opportunity to expand your horizons and enrich your worldview. Innovecs is strengthening its presence worldwide. Thanks to global growth, we are glad to announce that our community is steadily increasing.

In our Newcomer of the Month rubric series, we welcome new Innovecsers from around the globe and help teammates get to know each other better. Today, we are honored to introduce our colleague Rahman Mustafayev, Full-Stack Software Engineer (Go) from Azerbaijan. Let’s get familiar with his professionalism, the company’s perks he really appreciates, and why corporate culture matters to him.

— Hi Rahman! Tell us more about yourself. Where do you live? What is your educational background? Why did you join Innovecs?

— I was born in Azerbaijan and still live here. I am 26 years old. I graduated from a bachelor’s program in engineering before gaining my Master’s diploma in IT Business Administration. Generally, I have been working in programming for 5 years. Firstly, I wrote in Java, С#, Node JS, then learned Golang and Rust. I even used to be a Tech Lead. Mostly, I worked in small or medium companies.

Innovecs is the third company I’ve worked in. I adore that I can develop my professional skills thanks to outstanding and high-quality projects. As well as a professional environment one is definitely within a multicultural space and can meet customers and teammates from abroad.

— It would be interesting to hear more about your professional and personal ambitions. Could you share?

— Like all programmers, I would like to work in FAANG companies. For sustainable professional growth and self-development, I keep working hard, honing my skills, and solving algorithmic tasks. Developing a tech-notch and in-demand product that appeals to a target audience, and which will be appreciated all over the world, is something I dream about all the time.

These days I am interested in horizontal professional growth, although I also consider vertical professional growth and promotion towards managerial staff. Working as a programmer, I am used to writing code and developing my technical skill set. But as well as hard skills, it is necessary to develop soft skills to be able to communicate efficiently and boost emotional intelligence.

— How about well-being? Do you manage to combine your job with your hobbies?

— I am keen on chess and sometimes enjoy playing football. Last year I started attending a swimming pool. Apart from sports hobbies, I am learning both Spanish and German languages. In fact, I do manage to combine my job with my hobbies but strive to keep everything in balance and care about my well-being.

— What do you most appreciate in corporate culture? How do you evaluate teamwork collaboration at Innovecs?

— Innovecs is an inspiring company that motivates me to strive for self-development. Thanks to the InnoClub platform, the variety of opportunities you can find here, along with fellows in the different communities. This makes Innovecs stand out from other companies. One can play chess and football with your teammate both offline and online. When I started working here, I was invited to join the community according to my interests and hobbies. Of course, I chose the chess community.

Generally speaking, I like working here as much as I am excited to collaborate with my open-minded and friendly teammates. It is important to highlight the fact that I work with tolerant and mature people who respect your boundaries, opinions, and mindset. I really appreciate it. I have experienced that Innovec’s corporate values align with their declarative statements and become daily practices in productive and transparent collaboration. It is something I would like to stress about Innovecs.

— What are the cultural expectations and mindset in Azerbaijan? In your opinion, what is t
he key to effective and successful communications in global companies?

— Responsibility is a crucial thing that Azerbaijan people highly appreciate and use to distinguish good companies from bad ones. When I recognize that my colleagues and company are responsible, I feel that I’m in the right place with the right people. If you make a promise, your words must end up doing certain acts that lead to certain results. From my point of view, responsibility is an integral trait in global companies. It is about company maturity, and you find it at Innovecs.

— What knowledge and skills can you gain from working in multicultural teams?

— First of all, intercultural teamwork is the exchange of different professional perspectives for solving problems by applying an intercultural mindset. I can learn a lot from this kind of collaboration, not in regard to my tech skill set, but in terms of enriching my mindset.

It is always interesting to notice how people from different cultures are looking for approaches to the best product decision. You can grow up professionally by learning a variety of approaches. This means that you come out of your usual comfort zone and become open to something new. As a result, this leads to significant personal growth.

Would you like to join our Full-Stack community and work together with Rahman? Check the open vacancies and apply! 

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