Newcomer of the Month: Raquel Amelia Torifio Sanchez, HR Generalist

October 21, 2022

One of the core values we rely on at Innovecs is care, which reflects how we care about our people. We support their contribution from the very first day in the company and keep nurturing them daily, prioritizing well-being balance, and providing growth opportunities.


In our Newcomer of the Month rubric series, we welcome new innovecsers from around the globe and help teammates get to know each other better. Today, we are honored to introduce our colleague Raquel Amelia Torifio Sanchez, who joined our Colombian team as HR Generalist. We asked Raquel about her educational background in psychology and how it helps her career path, how she spent time in sunny Colombia, and why she joined the Innovecs team.


—  Hi Raquel. Tell us more about yourself. What’s your country of origin? Why did you choose Innovecs? 


— I was born in a beautiful country in South America, Venezuela, and currently live in Colombia. I am empathic, communicative, and passionate about business processes and organizational psychology. So, I came up with the idea to learn psychology and recently graduated with a master’s degree. It helped me further understand how organizations work and the way big companies influence people’s lives, mental health, well-being, family, etc.

I joined Innovecs because of its values, expertise, and multicultural environment. When getting closer to the company’s lifestyle, I realized how Innovecs cares about its employees. It’s not just about working; it’s about people’s lives. This is what I was looking for in a company. Besides, Innovecs is expanding into new regions and recently launched operations in Colombia. So, I joined the Colombian team as the HR Generalist to impact people’s lives and develop my professional skills. When you work in such an environment, you learn to know other people, traditions, cultures, and languages; how to be more tolerant and respectful of other people’s reality.


—  How would you describe your personal and professional ambitions?


— I am fond of traveling, so I would like to continue visiting different countries and getting to know more people. I believe we learn something new daily — at work, with friends, while visiting new countries, their people, and their cultures. I dream of having a family and becoming a mom in a couple of years. When becoming a mom, I want to continue my professional career and find a balance between work and motherhood.

Professionally, I would like to continue working in HR, communicating with employees, adding value to the company, and growing as a specialist.


—  What are your hobbies? How do you find a balance between work and life? 


— I prefer outdoor sports to a gym. I am lucky because I live near the beach, so I enjoy running on the shore, playing tennis, and walking with my dog and friends.

The question of the balance between one’s job and private life arises so often among employees. It can be challenging to find a perfect balance, especially when you join a new company. But I’ve learned how to set up boundaries; for instance, if I am done with work for the day, I turn off any notifications and dedicate myself to real life. Certainly, I am 100% focused on my tasks while working, but it’s crucial to have a rest to avoid burnout.


—  What do you value in the corporate culture? What is most important for you?


— For me, teamwork plays a significant role when you have someone to rely on and trust. Especially when your teammates inspire and motivate you.

In a multicultural environment, you gain skills to work in remote teams and in different time zones. I have experience establishing good relationships remotely, so I hope to implement my expertise at Innovecs.


—  What character features are typical in the culture of your country?


— Colombians are warm, friendly, enthusiastic, passionate, and spontaneous people. You may notice it everywhere: in a supermarket, with the driver, or passersby. Colombians intend to help you because we care about others more than ourselves.

By the way, Colombia is one of the happiest countries in the world. We always smile.


—  What is the key to successful communication in global companies?


— Communication, transparency, honesty, and respect are the key to success. In multicultural teams, we must be curious, avoid misunderstanding, look for feedback, and communicate clearly.

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