Newcomer of the Month: Wojtek Szczerbinski, a Senior Technical Support Specialist

June 7, 2023 4 min read

It’s Natalie, your guide to discovering the inspiring stories of talented individuals at Innovecs.

“Newcomer of the Month” is a series of interviews where I introduce you to our team members who joined Innovecs’ team from all over the world.

Today, I am happy to introduce Wojtek Szczerbinski, who joined our Polish team as a Senior Technical Support Specialist. With a passion for lifelong learning, Wojtek constantly seeks new opportunities to expand his knowledge and expertise. Fluent in his native language, Polish, he also knows English, Spanish, and Portuguese and is learning Italian to enrich his linguistic abilities further.

Let’s delve into Wojtek’s story together, welcome him to the Innovecs family and discover him better personally and professionally.


Hello Wojtek! Thanks for joining me today. Could you please share a little bit about yourself?

Hi, Natalie! It’s great to meet you. I’m originally from Poland, specifically a charming city called Głogów. However, for the past decade, I’ve been living in Wrocław, Poland. I’ve always had a strong passion for acquiring knowledge and exploring new horizons. Hence, I had the incredible opportunity to spend some time in Scotland and Germany. 

My love for languages inspired me to pursue a Master’s Degree in Spanish in Business, where I gained a deep understanding of the language and its application in the business world. After graduation, I have worked in customer support for over seven years, and I am still deeply engaged in this field, providing service in my ongoing role.

Throughout my journey, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with clients from diverse industries, such as software development, e-commerce, and logistics.


What sparked your interest in becoming a Technical Support Specialist?

From the very beginning, my goal has been to help my clients accomplish their objectives, whether it involves troubleshooting technical issues, providing strategic guidance for their products, or simply being a supportive ear. One of my key strengths is understanding my client’s needs. This proficiency has contributed significantly to my effectiveness as a customer support professional.

Helping people is my utmost passion, and I approach each day with a sincere desire to learn and grow, enabling me to achieve better results.

What drew me to Innovecs was the chance to be part of a global company and the invaluable learning experiences it offers. The prospect of collaborating with talented professionals from diverse backgrounds excites me. Additionally, the flexibility to work remotely is significant in my life, and I’m grateful that Innovecs embraces this possibility.


What are your hobbies? How do you manage to balance them with your work?

Outside of work, I have a range of hobbies that bring me immense joy. One of my greatest passions is exploring new languages. Besides Spanish, which I studied during my degree, I also speak English and Portuguese and am currently learning Italian. I aim to talk with locals in their language whenever I’m traveling. I enjoy trying different language-learning apps like Duolingo and Busuu to make learning more enjoyable. These apps provide a fun and interactive way to practice languages at my own pace, ensuring a balanced approach alongside my work responsibilities.

Another hobby close to my heart is music, specifically playing the guitar. I’m part of a band with some close friends, and we enjoy the moments when we can spend time together practicing and performing. Music is a fantastic way to relax and recharge my batteries after a productive day at work.

Regarding hobbies related to my work, I am always eager to learn about new technologies and tools to help me be more effective. I’m grateful that Innovecs provides access to Udemy Business, which enables me to take courses on diverse topics related to customer support. I’ve already begun some classes to improve my skills and make me even more effective in my role.

These hobbies bring me immense pleasure and enable me to maintain a healthy work-life balance while continuously growing personally and professionally.


What values do you appreciate in corporate culture, and what is most important in your work environment?

When it comes to corporate culture, there are some values that are vital to me. Transparency, open communication, and a collaborative work environment are at the top of my list. Creating a supportive and positive workplace is something I truly cherish. It brings me joy when I surround myself with friendly, supportive, and collaborative teammates.

I also value when a company provides prospects for personal and professional growth. Whether through access to training and development programs, different communities of interest, or the opportunity to take on new challenges, continuous growth is essential for individuals and the company.


What do you think is the key to successful communication in global companies?

Being mindful of cultural differences and approaching communication with empathy and respect is essential for communication in global companies. People in the company should remember that different cultures may have different communication styles, and what may be considered appropriate in one culture may not be in another. Awareness of these differences and adapting one’s communication style are vital to building strong relationships and fostering understanding.

Another key to successful communication is active listening. This means taking the time to truly listen to what the other person is saying rather than just waiting for your turn to speak. It is essential to ask questions, clarify misunderstandings, and show a genuine interest in what the other person says.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in your field?

I mainly use LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to stay updated about new technologies, best practices, and emerging trends. I also take advantage of online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, or edX to take courses and learn new skills related to my field. 

In summary, these platforms offer various lessons from industry experts, allowing me to keep my knowledge and skills up-to-date.


I couldn’t agree more with Wojtek on the tremendous value of online platforms in our search for knowledge and growth. In today’s digital age, they offer opportunities to acquire new skills, earn certifications, and stay up-to-date with industry trends. Moreover, platforms like LinkedIn allow us to grow our professional networking and follow the insights of influential individuals in the specific field.

Thanks for joining us today as we uncovered Wojtek’s inspiring journey and dedication to staying ahead of the curve.

Stay tuned for more captivating stories.

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