Sharing Client Satisfaction Results: How CSAT Shapes Experiences at Innovecs

December 20, 2022 3 min read

Every interaction at Innovecs, whether through marketing, sales, finance, or HR, significantly impacts our clients’ satisfaction and perception of us. In my role, I oversee all client relations, focusing on their satisfaction, success, and growth. It’s crucial to ensure that every touchpoint, no matter its size or routine, is valued and never underestimated. 

Recently, we conducted one of our regular client satisfaction surveys. We believe there’s no better measure of our business than the feedback and assessments of our clients. With this in mind, we’re excited to share the results we’ve gathered so far. When our clients speak, we listen intently, using their insights as a roadmap for continuous improvement.

Analyzing Client Survey Data and Trends

In our most recent quarterly surveys, we’ve meticulously analyzed client satisfaction and recommendation trends. These insights provide us with valuable benchmarks to gauge our progress and areas for improvement.

Satisfaction Levels:

  • Approximately 85% of respondents in the previous quarter stated they were ‘Very Satisfied’ with our services.
  • Around 15% of respondents reported being ‘Satisfied’, showcasing a broad base of contentment.stat1
Positive Dynamics:
  • There was a noticeable increase in the ‘Satisfied’ category, growing from 12.5% to approximately 15% within the past three quarters.
  • The probability of clients recommending Innovecs showed a positive upswing during the same period, rising from 8.75 out of 10 to approximately 9.16 out of 10, reflecting a growth of around 5%.

Client Appreciation and Positive Feedback

Exploring the qualitative dimensions of our client feedback allows us to discover the genuine aspects that our clients appreciate and praise Innovecs. Their words are not just affirmations of our service quality but also guiding lights for future enhancements.

Management and Service Delivery Praises:

  • Clients have expressed high satisfaction with our account and delivery management, appreciating our effective involvement in resolving issues.
“We are very satisfied with account management. Delivery management is also going well. What I have been impressed with most is the involvement of management in dealing with any issues that are difficult or troublesome and finding a workable resolution. I would recommend Innovecs to a friend or colleague.”
  • The proactive and responsive nature of our management team has been a key factor in achieving client satisfaction.

Technical Teams and Operational Flexibility:

  • Innovecs’ clients have commended the skilled nature of our technical teams.
“The team is still performing at a very high level, and we're very happy with everything we've been able to accomplish. I feel that management has been in tune with our projects.”
  • The flexibility of our operations and our crucial role in the success of our clients’ organizations have been particularly appreciated.
“Innovecs remains a flexible partner and is crucial to our organization's success. We rely heavily on their skill and expertise for our organization's technology delivery.”

Client Commendations and Future Cooperation:

  • Innovecs has been recognized as a “Great Company”, with clients expressing their appreciation for our overall service.
“Great сompany providing all needed for us. Keep up this great job!”


  • Clients have expressed a strong desire for continued cooperation, highlighting our reliability and performance.
“The cooperation with Innovecs is excellent, and we would be happy for many more cooperations in the future.”

We are immensely proud of the positive feedback and the invaluable insights our clients provide. Their commendations reinforce our dedication to maintaining the high standards we’ve set and to continuously strive to raise the bar in all aspects of our service delivery.

These insights, gathered from our clients’ candid feedback, lay the foundation for long-term partnerships filled with trust and mutual growth. This vital aspect of building enduring, integrity-based relationships will be the focus of my next blog post, where we’ll delve deeper into the art of fostering lasting client connections. Keep checking back.

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