The Future of Tech Work in CEE: Digital Transformation Insights from Infoshare Conference 2023

May 31, 2023 3 min read

On May 24-25th, 2023, Innovecs had the privilege of attending the Infoshare Conference in Gdańsk, one of the most prominent tech conferences in Central and Eastern Europe. Continuing the expansion in Poland, Romania, and Hungary, we visited AmberExpo for the second time in a row, handling Infoshare’s Gold Partnership this year. 

The conference served as a hub for industry experts, thought leaders and innovators to discuss the evolving tech ecosystem in Poland and the CEE region. Let’s delve into the primary takeaways and discuss the hottest topics that emerged during the conference, including the role of AI technologies, the importance of ethical tech, and the power of data-driven decisions. 

Transforming the Tech Industry with AI 

It’s not a surprise that, AI took the spotlight at the Infoshare Conference this year, highlighting its transformative impact on the CEE tech industry. Advancements in AI are not only reshaping work through automation of various processes, but implementation of them is already a necessity for businesses in order to stay competitive. 

One important innovation discussed was AI Software Testing for QA, which simplifies regression testing, eliminates errors, reduces test time, and detects defects. AI-based systems analyze behavioral patterns to create test suites, enhancing testing processes. So, as we can tell from the speeches of world-renowned experts, AI is the future of programming, assisting developers with complex APIs and simplifying coding.

On the other hand, as AI continues to make significant strides in the tech industry,   ensuring that its deployment aligns with ethical standards becomes increasingly crucial. Experts emphasized the development and implementation of ethical tech solutions to mitigate potential risks and pitfalls associated with AI algorithms.

Transparency emerged as a central theme during the panel speeches. It is essential to have clear visibility into the decision-making processes of AI systems to understand how they arrive at their outcomes. Transparent AI algorithms allow for scrutiny, enabling organizations and stakeholders to identify and rectify potential biases and discriminatory tendencies. Accountability also played a vital role in the conversation, emphasizing the responsibility of developers and organizations to be answerable for the behavior and impact of AI systems they create and employ.

So how to strike a balance between becoming more efficient by taking advantage of AI and staying human-focused at the same time? Andrii Poddubnyi, Director of Engineering at Innovecs, has his answer to this question.

As a Manager working on multidimensional projects, I really perceive AI as a valuable helper, but I would never call it a human substitute. Indeed, developers in my team use intelligent extensions for code generation and autocompletion, unit testing, and bug detection. And I fully support that – innovation is exactly what we strive for at Innovecs! But chatbots are still tools only – they lack the complexity, expertise and creativity required in the development process. Also, I must say that the software we create is, at the end of the day, supposed to ​​meet human needs and help people in everyday life. Hence, it is hard to imagine development innovations without the engagement of real tech talent.
Andrii Poddubnyi
Director of Engineering at Innovecs

Process Automation: The Rise of Efficiency

Apart from the opportunities AI gives to coding, one of the most discussed applications of it was process automation. The integration of automation into various business processes is revolutionizing operations in the tech industry, leading to streamlined workflows and improved efficiency of strategic endeavors. By implementing  AI-powered solutions, companies in the CEE region are optimizing their operations and achieving higher productivity levels.

At the conference, experts highlighted the diverse range of AI-powered automation tools being utilized in the industry. Chatbots and virtual assistants have become commonplace, offering seamless customer interactions and support. These intelligent systems can handle repetitive inquiries, freeing human resources to focus on complex problem-solving and personalized customer experiences.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was another significant topic of discussion. RPA involves using software bots to automate rule-based and repetitive tasks traditionally performed by humans. By automating these tasks, companies can significantly reduce errors, improve accuracy, and enhance operational efficiency. RPA has found applications in areas such as data entry, invoice processing, and report generation, saving valuable time and resources.

The advantages of process automation extend beyond mere task completion. By eliminating manual and repetitive activities, companies can unlock the potential for their employees to engage in higher-value activities. People can redirect their efforts towards strategic initiatives, such as innovation, problem-solving, and fostering creativity. This shift allows businesses to remain competitive and adapt to rapidly evolving market demands. 

And how does automation influence recruitment processes at growing companies?

Speed, efficiency, and agility are essential in the modern recruitment landscape. I believe automation doesn't replace the human touch, it simply enhances it! From my perspective, automated systems allow us to quickly sift through large volumes of applications, identify top candidates, and make prompt decisions that give us a competitive edge in securing top talent. It does not only streamline the process but also gives valuable time for our team to focus on activities such as building relationships, conducting in-depth interviews, and assessing cultural fit. I think it's a key that ensures we remain at the forefront of the industry.
Oksana Verbynets
Lead Recruiter at Innovecs

Flexible Work – The New Normal

The post-pandemic world has witnessed a significant shift in work dynamics, with remote and hybrid work styles gaining traction across industries. This shift has been further accelerated by the flexible attitude of global companies, and the tech sector in the CEE region has embraced this trend. The Infoshare Conference provided a platform for tech experts to delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by flexible work styles in the CEE region.

One of the prime discussions between companies and visitors revolved around attracting top talent through flexibility. With professionals increasingly seeking work-life balance and the ability to work remotely, companies in the CEE region have recognized the importance of offering flexible work arrangements. Experts explored strategies such as flexible scheduling, remote work options, and hybrid models. By providing such options, companies can position themselves as attractive employers and tap into a broader talent pool of top-notch professionals who value the freedom to work in a way that suits their individual needs.

Effective collaboration in remote and hybrid environments emerged as another critical  topic. As teams operate in dispersed locations, tech experts explored strategies to ensure seamless communication, knowledge sharing, and project management. They discussed implementing collaboration tools – often involving AI – to facilitate effective teamwork. Additionally, experts emphasized the importance of fostering a culture of trust, accountability, and open communication to maintain strong team cohesion and productivity.

In recent years, remote work has become a prominent feature of the tech sector, and Poland is no exception. As an IT Recruitment Lead, I observe candidates choosing different work styles, contributing to a diverse and inclusive workforce. At Innovecs, we provide our team members with the autonomy to pick their preferred work setting, be it remote, hybrid, or office-based, fostering a culture of trust, collaboration and ensuring their comfort and productivity.
Oksana Verbynets
Lead Recruiter at Innovecs

Making an Impact With Smart Employer Branding

Good presentation at networking events like Infoshare not only allows companies to showcase their expertise but also serves as a powerful tool for smart employer branding, which then can be used to attract and retain top talent. 

It is worth paying attention to the opportunities to effectively communicate company culture, values, and options for prospective employees.

However, apart from exposure to potential candidates and business partners, Infoshare provides a unique opportunity for companies to gather valuable data, which has become the new currency of the digital age. Multiple experts emphasized the significance of leveraging data-driven decision-making in the tech industry. By collecting, analyzing, and interpreting vast amounts of data, companies can gain valuable insights into various aspects of their business.

One area where data-driven insights can significantly contribute to employer branding is understanding customer behavior. Analyzing tech talent data collected at the conference, makes it much easier to identify patterns, preferences, and trends. All the information can then be used to align the EB strategy and enrich it with a deep understanding of the target audience. 

Olha Boiko, Innovecs’ VP of Global Employer Brand & Marketing, also highlights our participation in the conference.

For a company like Innovecs, which strives to reach innovation, but also wants to inspire, and take care of our teammates, it’s crucial to gather market insights. And it’s not a surprise that the most relevant data comes from the tech talents themselves! That’s why we’re always open for networking, discussion, and seeking new common threads between our company and people visiting the conference. They are the perfect reflection of our potential employee market, providing us with the information about their expectations and aspirations. We cannot wait to open the Innovecs booth at Infoshare again in 2024!
Olha Boiko
VP of Global Employer Brand & Marketing at Innovecs

For a wrap-up, we couldn’t agree more with Olha! From the transformative power of new technologies to the role of data-driven decisions in driving innovation, Infoshare shed light on the paramount trends shaping the industry.

Thank you all for the amazing 2 days and hopefully see you next year! 

Sylwia Nowinska
Senior Marketing & PR Communications Manager
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