Thriving Together with Innovecs: Voices of Fulfillment in Our Unique Community

August 23, 2023 4 min read

In a world where choices shape destinies, the journey toward the ideal professional haven is crucial. We invite you to delve into the narratives that define us – the vibrant Innovecs community creating tech innovations. 

Reliable and Successful Company 

With over a decade entrenched in the industry, we’ve accomplished 60+ triumphant project executions for 100+ esteemed clients. Notably recognized among the swiftest-expanding private enterprises (Inc. 5000) and global outsourcing entities (IAOP).

Apart from financial stability, recognition and impact are essential shared concerns. Recognition also extends to the team members who need to feel valued and secure in their positions, as they play a significant role in a company’s success. Corporate culture and openness play an important role in creating an environment of trust where employees feel that their opinions matter and their contributions are valued.
Vladyslav Kopanko
VP Delivery Account Management

Nurturing Your Professional Aspirations

At Innovecs, your journey can encompass both lateral and vertical growth, transitioning seamlessly from a developer’s role to that of a Delivery Manager or even a Vice President. Furthermore, our array of educational courses, the Mentorship Program, workshops, and tracks empower every team member to reimagine their professional trajectory – be it shifting projects, roles, or domains.

I began my journey at Innovecs as a Game Release Manager, a hybrid QA position that involved communication with operators and suppliers.After a year, I became the Lead of the Game Release team, building a skilled and efficient team from scratch. Eager to continue growing, I pursued an international certification, the ISTQB Foundation exam, and joined the QA team.The opportunity to become a QA Lead arose, and although I was initially unsure, my Tech Lead, Dmytro Kryvenko, believed in me and encouraged me to embrace the role. With his mentorship, we built the successful QA team we have today.
Olha Kolomiiets
QA Lead

Championing Your Interests

Embrace your passions at our company – SUPs, football, video game meet-ups, and more – while garnering your peers’ recognition and tokens of appreciation.

Physical activity with the Innovecs team helps me keep fit and develop a spirit of healthy competition. The brightest memories are the moments after training. At the end of the day, this is the time to apply the practiced techniques in a game with an opponent.
Vasyl Mysiura
Software Engineer

Adaptable Benfits Program

By introducing InnoFlex, our novel benefits program, meticulously crafted to offer a profoundly personalized approach, we supply our team members with bespoke benefits. It encompasses two integral components:

  • Core Benefits, seamlessly provided by Innovecs from day one of your journey with us;
  • Flexible Program empowers Innovecs’ team members to cherry-pick perks aligned with their distinct preferences and needs. Twice a year, our team members have the liberty to alter their preferred benefits.

By allocating virtual corporate coins, innovecsers can handpick from an array of Flexible benefits. This pioneering approach grants autonomy to prioritize benefits most resonant with their aspirations.

We have created specific benefits for each region. For example, in Poland, the “Multisport card” has become a favored choice. This card provides access to various sports facilities, including swimming pools, fitness centers, and more. By offering these location-specific benefits, we strive to provide our team members with a personalized experience that aligns with their preferences and the unique offerings in each region.
Kateryna Skosyr
Global Head of Total Rewards & HR Ops

Innovecsers’ well-being is our priority

Our dedication and efforts gained recognition on a global scale. Innovecs was honored to be awarded the prestigious Global Good Awards for the Employee Engagement & Wellbeing category and was shortlisted for the Employer Brand Management Awards. This milestone demonstrates our devotion to creating a positive and supportive workplace for innovecsers.

In the last year’s survey, our clubs of interest have proven their impact: 92% of program participants confirmed they had gained a new well-being experience, and 80% made new friends. Moreover, 83% reported that the communities significantly contributed to their mental and physical well-being. 

Join our team

Are you a person who wants to develop in technology? You are not alone in this journey. The Innovecs superhero team is always there. We will be glad to receive your resume. The list of open positions can be found here, and if there are currently no vacancies in your specialization, you can send your CV on this page.

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