Unshakable Resilience: Social Responsibility in the Midst of Uncertain Times

June 26, 2023

At Innovecs, we believe in the power of decisive action and standing up for what is right, especially in the face of uncertainty and adversity. 

That is why we are proud to present this document, which outlines our commitment to the team’s safety, as well as our support for Ukraine during these challenging times.

For us, transparency is the foundation, which extends to openly voicing our stance on the war in Ukraine. We leverage various social platforms to condemn russia’s indefensible aggression against the sovereign democratic state of Ukraine. 

We deeply appreciate the courage and sacrifice of the Armed Forces, as they enable Ukrainians in the rear to carry on with their work, creativity, and support for the economic front. By contributing to the common cause, we believe we are bringing victory closer.

    • Innovecs has been standing by foundations and charitable funds since the start of the full-scale war. We have made our contribution to support organizations such as the Foundation “Come Back Alive”, Medical battalion “Hospitallers,” and “Leleka” Foundation. 
    • We donated a Starlink terminal and electronic equipment, including laptops, tablets, and printers to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
    • Also, our courageous and compassionate team members regularly organize charity fundraisers to provide vital support to Ukrainian defenders. 
    • To learn more about our initiatives and endeavors in addressing the aftermath of a full-scale invasion, please refer to the document provided below. 


Together, we stand united and resilient, believing that our unity and strength will help us get through anything. We are committed to taking tangible actions that support our team and contribute to the well-being of Ukraine. We are proud to say we #StandWithUkraine.



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