What can you do if you’ve made a great game in Unity and are thinking of building a playable ad that truly represents the gameplay? Using a tool that seamlessly fits into your creative workflow, such as Luna Playable, is one solution. It’s easy, efficient and effortless.
Using Luna playable variables you can easily configure your game flow to create many variants of your playable. Or, create self-optimising playables using Playable AI, which learn from your install data and can change themselves in real-time to deliver optimal performance.
To give you the really good overview of this tool we’ve invited three experts, who are going to share their expertise from three perspectives: the platform, the publisher and the developer who implements it.
Will be interesting for: Unity Developers, Game developers, Product managers
Training outline will include three parts and Q&A:
Introduction to Luna Playable +
Live coding session with a focus on Luna Playable by Innovecs experts (Unity Developer: Michal Silanin)
A case study with a focus on Luna Playable by Karen Levy from SuperSonic

Niall Jones is the Head of Platform at Luna Labs. He’s been working with app developers and game studios for the last seven years, with a passion for supporting indie developers. Before joining the company, he led technical relationships in EMEA as a Partner Engineer at Facebook. Now, he is helping Luna Labs scale to support thousands of developers across the globe.

Mike Silanin is Software Engineer in Innovecs, focused on Unity Development. Mike is extremely proficient in C#, Unity, interactive web-applications. Mike is a fan of problem solving, travelling, architecture and music.
Mike likes elegant solutions and finds Luna an excellent and extremely useful tool for Unity Developers to translate C#/Unity project to javascript.
He will demonstrate the whole cycle of converting a small Unity 3D game into JS just at the event.

Karen Levy Atias is the Director of Creatives in Supersonic, with over 7 years of experience in the Mobile industry. Skilled in creative direction, user acquisition, creative data analysis, team management, project management, and strategic planning. Passioned about creating highly effective creative teams that bring value to the game economy and strategy.
Karen recently said: «The playable we built with the Luna Labs platform played a big role in Emoji Puzzle’s launch – in fact, that playable is responsible for 80% of the title’s traffic. Just goes to show the power of creatives!». As a result, Emoji Puzzle reached 2nd place on the Google Play Store. Karen will share the data-driven cases from Supersonic Studio’s portfolio.

When: December 2nd, 7:00 pm (EET)
Where: Online (a live stream link will be sent to your email)
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