English acting courses now in InnoHub!
Try yourself as Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel or even Joey from the legendary series “Friends”! Now you can turn into your favorite characters with the ProEnglish Drama School course, practice English and play episodes from the best series. No, you do not need special skills or acting background.
◾ What does this give you?
🎬 Development of self-confidence.
🎬 Improving English.
🎬 Charisma training.
🎬 Unusual leisure in the circle of new acquaintances.
◾ Who teaches?
Valerie Leif, a charming acting coach at ProEnglish Drama School who has taught so many students more than you have friends on social media. Some say she taught Brad Pitt early in his career and we’re not sure that’s true.
◾ The conditions of participation are quite simple: you work in the IT industry, the level of English is not lower than Intermediate, you want to play the hero of your favorite series “Friends”.
Come to InnoHub for a Friends Scenes master class, get in a good mood, make new interesting acquaintances, and certain acting skills.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑👫 Friends Scenes – acting courses based on the series “Friends”.