Any organization is a kind of organism that should be strong, especially now. But we should mind that by strong we mean flexible. And the crisis is testing businesses’ flexibility. Our colleague Oleksandr Buratynsky, agile coach, and SCRUM master will share his vision on agile management for organizations of the future.

We’ll discover:

  • How to develop flexibility
  • Mental models and techniques that help to survive in tough times
  • Examples of good resilience in different industries
  • Business stretching: pivoting, innovations, neuroplasticity

Oleksandr will share tactics and exercises for organizational resilience and adaptivity. Be ready for active work!

Oleksandr Buratynski — Agile Coach, Innovecs.
Worked as Agile Coach / Scrum Master at Competera Pricing Platform, founded QA Club Poland, was Scrum Master and Senior QA Manager at Luxoft Poland, testing instructor at Main Academy, Scrum Master and Senior QA Manager at GlobalLogic Ukraine.

When: June 11, 17:00-19:00

Where: Online

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