What the participants will get:
• Use cases and best practices in applying technological solutions to the most innovative agrocompanies.
• An international expert review from the world leader in consulting McKinsey.
• Networking opportunities for managers and innovators.

In the 2018 Agrohub Platform for Agro-Innovation Development conducted a large-scale study of priority directions of innovation development in the Ukrainian agrarian sector, which was implemented in partnership with Raiffeisen Bank Aval/National Innovation Agenda.

This is more than 150 interviews and surveys with top management of agricultural companies of different sizes, with a land bank of 5 to 500 thousand hectares in management. And on March 1, at the expert lecture on best practices for Agrohub Nitro Marathon Agrarian Innovation, we present its findings: National Innovation Agenda Report 2018.

In this project, we identified and analyzed the so-called innovative priorities – the answers to where companies are looking for opportunities to increase profits through innovations, how they implement them and what effect they expect. After all, innovation is first and foremost a story about how to make a business more profitable and ready for future challenges, rather than an innovative theater for the public.

What did we get as a result of the research?
– the possibility of building a universal management paradigm of the Ukrainian agrocompany;
– Understanding key cluster group processes;
– maturity matrix, which describes the various stages of innovation development within the company;
– understanding of the problems and needs of the industry;
– correlation with technological solutions already available in the market;
– data on the effect of their implementation;
– A complete picture of the introduction of innovations in the country;
– Understanding the company’s stage of maturity;
– an understanding of how a transition to a different level of development in a particular process or function may look like.

We are going to share this value with Agrohub Nitro Marathon.

We will present some of the main areas of innovation that will be highlighted by international experts and managers of global and regional companies, among them Agro Region, CIVITTA, CropX, Cygnet Agrocompany, Farmet a. s., Frendt LLC, IMK, Kernel, SmartFarming, Taranis, Myronivsky Hliboproduct and others.

Also, during the event, lectures by experts of the international company McKinsey Ukraine will be devoted to the best innovation practices in the field of supply chain management and procurement policy.

For more information on the speakers and the event program, please visit: https://nitro-marathon.agrohub.org/