Let’s chat about the latest Cloud Platform Innovations! Innovecs Cloud Services understand your Intelligence-driven transformation strategies and Data & AI Cloud Adoption programs.Innovecs commits to developing advanced cloud strategies using the latest, future-proof innovations. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer care, we're your trusted cloud partner. Our clients’ success stories are born in the cloud. Let’s talk about our cloud future together in Europa-Park, Germany on March 20-23, 2023

Why you should chat with us at CloudFest2023

We can discuss how to become data-driven and best optimization practices with cloud
We understand that modernizing apps, data, and infrastructure is a cost and time intensive program. How do you plan to take your business to market with data-driven insights?
We can debate how to deliver efficiency with automation and AI
No one likes working on redundant tasks...especially when it comes to building digital applications. Let’s exchange lessons learned from poorly managed SQL Databases and how to leverage Business Apps and Power Platforms inside Migration As-A-Factory
We will address why and how you can innovate with a cloud platform and reenergize your workforce
Get to know more about the Innovecs Cloud Migration Framework as an end-to-end solution to migrate applications, data, infrastructure at scale to cloud by infusing modern agile practices and design methodologies.


Rocky Osborn
Chief Business Officer
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Anna Doroshenko
VP of Cloud Practice
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