Isolation has erased borders, bringing us online. So understanding cross-cultural communication is becoming even more important for any company that has a diverse workforce and does business globally. This type of communication involves an understanding of how people from different cultures speak, communicate, and perceive the world around them.

We’ve invited Anna Gandrabura (English For IT) who helps business leaders to solve #1 issue facing global remote-first organizations — poor English and lack of soft skills. She will conduct a webinar covering the following areas of cross-cultural communication:

  • Cultural overviews: how to communicate with American customers and teammates.
  • Tips for speaking better English.
  • Soft skills for better communication.
  • Tips for working on a multicultural team.

We will learn how to handle intercultural differences in business (particularly in English speaking countries and many others), and see how different cultures perceive the world. Knowing these differences, you will be able to react to certain behaviors that might have once seemed strange.

Who should join us?

  • Global business owners.
  • Managers and communication professionals.
  • HR and recruiters.
  • Team leads who are facing culture clashes.
  • Anyone interested in understanding cultural differences at work.
  • Those who want to improve their communication skills and English.

The event will be held in ENGLISH (without translation).
When: May 6th, 17:00.
Where: online (you’ll receive the link to the live stream on email).
Register here

More about the speaker:
Anna Gandrabura, founder and CEO of English For IT. Курсы английского для IT-специалистов and Annglish. Live, learn, share. Co-organizer of ProductTank Odessa.
Anna Gandrabura, the founder of English For IT and Annglish. For 10 years Anna has coached and trained business leaders and teams to be more effective at communicating cross-culturally.
Anna started English for IT and the master-class invite-only Annglish for Business Leaders to address the #1 issue facing global remote-first organizations — poor English and lack of soft skills.
She holds certificates and diplomas from Stanford and Oregon Universities where she studied teaching English as a foreign language and effective communication strategies. She also worked as a project manager at an IT consultancy where she picked up a lot of cross-cultural communication experience.
She is a regular speaker at tech events where she delivers workshops and helps tech professionals around the world to not only improve their English but also explore the intricacies of cross-cultural business communication.