What are the most popular DevOps tools in the market? Of course, Kubernetes and Terraform are amongst them. What are their pros and cons, and how do they work under the hood? Let's check.


96% of organizations
already use or are evaluating Kubernetes as a core part of the infrastructure. You will learn about different metrics which can be used for K8S auto-scaling for Event-Driven Infrastructure.
100 000 000+ downloads
of Terraform over its lifetime. You will learn about its modularity, resource import, provider debugging, etc.
2 hours
of tips and tricks from experts, and on-hand experience speakers have gained over the years.
Over a thousand Middle and Senior DevOps Engineers have already watched the meet-up. Why shouldn't you join them and get a video recording of the event? Working language is English.


Ihor Kanivets
Advanced DevOps with 5 years of experience. Ihor works at global digital transformation tech company Innovecs. Ihor has worked with CI\CD, Infrastructure as Code, Automation tools, Scripting, Cloud Providers, etc.
Erekle Magradze
Co-founder of DevOps Georgia organization, a DevOps consultant at Ilia State University, Georgia, and head of the University Computing Center. Erekle has over 10 years of DevOps experience.


Terraform. Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks
Ihor Kanivets, Advanced DevOps at Innovecs
Event Driven Auto-scaling for Kubernetes
Erekle Magradze, Co-founder of DevOps Georgia organization

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