Friday is coming, which means it’s time for us to have some fun online while InnoHub is in quarantine.  

We invite you to join us for a movie night event called Fantastic films through the eyes of scientists. We will immerse into the sci-fi films’ atmosphere (“Interstellar”, “Star Wars”, “The Blade Runner 2049”)and our seasoned experts will explain: 

  • how to study physics by motion pictures;  
  • how modern cinema hypotheses are reflected in movies;  
  • why the assumption is not always a movie blunder;  
  • what to do after another grim forecast for the future of humanity. 


Mikhail Kozakov is a philosopher who can speak simply about complicated things. Explores mass culture, mythology, hero path theory. He has lectured on a variety of topics: from the history of the plague to the mythology of Star Wars.  

Tatiana Gurska is a head of the Center for Clinical Psychology “Assistance”, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Psychotherapist.  

Dmitry Bondar is an economist, a specialist in money theory, and a cryptocurrency researcher. 

Vladyslav Marsakova – Associate Professor at ONU, a teacher of astronomy at the Richelieu Lyceum, Head of the Experimental Section of the Experimental Educational and Scientific Division of the STEM-Education Center of Odessa Oblast.  

Moderator: Mariya Yarotska – NASA Space Apps Startup Representative and Advisor to the Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine on Startup Acceleration.  

WhenMarch 27, 6:00 PM  

Where: Online (the link will be available in the event)