We love working with ambitious, ideological and active people. And employees at Innovecs are exactly like that 😉 INNOVECS is constantly improving: we are interested in developing and becoming better every day. We adopt the experience of the best and see that there are tools that we would like to use. So, we have an idea that no one, except the employees of the company, knows it better. We hope that the ideas will be breakthrough and innovative. Innovecs is evolving and wants to get better. Innovate it! is not about products, but about improving business processes and efficiency.

We invite all employees to submit their ideas on the registration form

03.14.2019 at 16:30 we are meeting on Innovate it!, where the ideas will be presented, a team of like-minded people will be assembled and the best one will win at Innovate IT.

The best idea will be chosen and implemented it within the company!

Presentation requirements:

  • Coherent speech
  • 3 slides
  • 3 minutes

All you need is to ignite!

Innovate it! will be held every quarter.