Innovecs Tech Hangout: Our expert meetup with 4 hot topics from leading developers

Angular done Smart, not Hard – Andrew Zavadsky, Lead Software Developer

The tools available out there to speed up the development, ease maintenance and make developers efficient

Reactive programming with Angular and Ngrx – Vasyl Sydorivskyi, Senior Software Developer

 Why and how developers should use NgRx in their projects

MVRPD Architecture for Games with Unity3D – Stanislav Felinskyi, Solution Architect – iGaming

How to split the game code into small pieces (Model View Presenter) according to the SOLID principle
The power of the reactive programming (Rx) for all parts of the game: from the GUI to the client-server interaction
The using of the DI to create a flexible and uncoupled code
How to avoid using “Managers” in the game for decision
The project decomposition with packages

Software development project estimation – Oleksandr Katrusha, Senior Engineering Manager

How to estimate software development projects including theory, tips and tricks, step by step guidelines and interesting cases

Join us to learn from real-life cases!