IT Recruitment Meetup: Nothing But Practice
In 2022, a recruiter is much more than a person forwarding a link to a job description. It is necessary to develop a personal brand, learn to communicate, and be a bit of a psychologist, analyst, and organizer to successfully close challenging vacancies in the IT market. What methods and tools to use to complete an ambitious plan for finding excellent IT specialists? Learn it due to our meet-up video recording.


of practical experience in speech content.
4 areas
of recruiting for a product company, service businesses, outsourcing, and outstaffing.
10+ years of experience
each speaker has in IT recruitment.
The meet-up video recording will interest freelance recruiters and recruiters from companies or agencies.


Tamara Mishcherina
VP of Talent Acquisition at Innovecs and has over 10 years of experience in IT recruitment. She has gone from a researcher to VP of Talent Acquisition. She has worked in product and outsourcing companies and has experience in creating and managing a recruiting team.
Aleksandra Boguslavskaya
CEO and Founder of Data Science UA. Has been actively developing the Data Science Community in Ukraine for 6 years, which now has more than 10,000 engineers. Data Science UA is engaged in AI training, IT recruiting, AI outsourcing, and outstaffing. Alexandra has built an ecosystem that brings together the best engineers and the most progressive companies.
Yana Pampukha
Girl in tech, ex-partner at A-Players Recruiting, exCOO at Global Talent, entrepreneur, advisor, and mentor for tech startups. DisruptHR conference speaker. More than 10 years in recruitment and business. She went from being a recruiter to being the COO of an international IT company. Now she is building teams for people from Google and Silicon Valley and developing an educational project. In 2016, together with the HR team of KPMG Ukraine, she entered the TOP-10 ratings of the HR team and Innovations in HR.
Nataliia Piantkivska
CEO of GravITy Agency. Has more than 10 years of experience in recruitment.


Designing and promoting accounts in social networks, do's & don'ts in positioning a recruiter, what to do with SSI on LinkedIn
Tamara Mishcherina, VP Talent Acquisition at Innovecs
Where and how to find engineers in 2022
Aleksandra Boguslavskaya, CEO and Founder at Data Science UA
How to write and where to post effective job postings that are responded to
Yana Pampukha, Girl in tech, ex-partner at A-Players Recruiting, exCOO at Global Talent
Recruiter: How not to get lost in this flow
Nataliia Piantkivska, CEO at GravITy Agency

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