On June 7 2019 in Kiev a private chamber event will be held exclusively for product managers and top managers of IT companies, the ITEM Product Kyiv 2019 conference, during which we will discuss the topic

Customer Development: from the first steps to the key process.

Why CustDev?

– in connection with the trend of product development to foreign markets, we need to understand our potential and current users
– marketing research and market reports do not give an answer to the question “so, what to do?”
– Practice shows that after 2-3 interviews, many features become unimportant, and some ideas are wild in general.

CustDev is the most popular trend in the world of product development right now, and we want to talk about it with experts and focus on examples. We will consider the life cycle of implementing the CustDev methodology in product management and development: “From the first steps to the key process”.

The first interview. When you can and should start. How to introduce in new products or in dinosaurs that have been built for many years. All problems of the start: how to start, where to take users, what to ask, etc.

Periodic interviews. How to embed a cast-dev technique in the work of a product manager and how to force yourself to do it at least sometimes. Life hacking from products.

Required custdev. Building a system of working with the product, in which CustDev technology are mandatory steps.

Cutting edge. CustDev as the main source of ideas for product development. Launch of individual research teams on the example of world leaders.