GameDev Workshop Series: Part 1

It’s time to play: the secrets of narrative design

The gaming industry has shown rapid development in recent decades. In 2020, the global gaming market grew by 20%, reaching a record $ 174.9 billion. Gamification is now present not only in the entertainment industry, but also widely used in work and study.

That’s why InnoHub is launching a series of three workshops dedicated to game development:

  1. It’s time to play: the secrets of narrative design
  2. No money no honey: games like business
  3. Press start to play: experience and emotions in games

📢 Who is the speaker?

Svyatoslav Kholod – Senior Game Designer in Innovecs. Svyatoslav has 6 years of practical gameplay and visual development in the game industry, as well as experience in teaching game design.

⁉️ About what?
Since one of the most important components of the gameplay is narrative design, let’s start with the visual language – the game characters.
Do game designers need to understand the basics of narrative design? Of course, yes. To tell a story, to transfer the user to an unusual world, you need many components and one of them is a visual story. It should create an atmosphere, be remembered and evoke emotions.

In the first workshop “It’s time to play: secrets of narrative design” you will learn how to use visual narrative in multimedia products to create really cool things.

💬 Questions for consideration:

  • How to tell a story, reveal characters, convey emotions and atmosphere by visual means?
  • What to do with the composition, details and accents? How to add speakers in the frame?
  • Secrets and methods of visualization that can be used in music videos, cinema and game development.

👤  For whom?
It will be interesting for everyone involved in the development of multimedia products, especially directors, game designers, motion designers, clipmakers, concept and 2D artists, marketing and advertising specialists.

🕠 When?
We will meet online on April 6 at 7 pm EET