Each year crowdfunding becomes more common and popular. With this business plan, Statista will grow globally by 2026 with a yearly income of 40 billion dollars! That is why developers around the world create their ideas with the help of Kickstarter, but we decided to move on by creating a series of live coding sessions where you can learn how to create these types of platforms by yourself.

Step 1: Get started – you must be committed to the functions of the project; creating, updating, archiving, and investing into the project; definitions of instruments and technologies; forming the structure, creating models based on the information t.d.;

Step 2: TDD on practice – sessions about creating repositories for working on basic information; creating interfaces, writing tests and realizations of interfaces for projects and users;

Step 3: Session management with Redis – about the realization of identity; setting and creating session management; creating REST API (projects, users);

Step 4: Integration test (+ API documentation) – the session was dedicated to integration testing with Docker ( test environment-docker).


What will the fifth step be about?

Step 5: Azure cloud Infrastructure

  • Setting up Azure Cosmos DB (MS SQL);
  • Setting up Azure App Service;
  • Setting up Azure Traffic Manager;
  • Setting up Azure Cache for Redis )for session management).


Who is the speaker?

Dmitro Rostoropov –  Software Engineer at Innovecs, specialized in Unity 3D. He also worked as a Full-stack developer for 6 years and is ready to share his experience at .NET.


For who?

It will be interesting for back-end engineers who specialize or want to learn more in the full cycle at .NET 5, from ideas to finished products. The recommended level of qualification – Middle and Senior.


We will meet online on the 27th of May at 7 pm.

Participation is free. Hope to see you there!