GameDev Workshop Series: Part 3
In today’s world, games are becoming a cultural phenomenon and are even recognized as works of art. The number of gamers is growing every year, and according to Newzoo by 2023 there will be three billion players in the world. Gaming itself has become a highly paid and prestigious profession.
Although most people perceive mobile and desktop games as something entertaining and frivolous, in fact, game development is a high-tech industry with a multimillion-dollar turnover. So we end our series of webinars with a topic that will focus on games from idea to commercial result.

👾 What shall we talk about:

  • Where to start game development?
  • Choice of genre, platform, audience, and technologies;
  • What are the nuances of development?
  • Monetization. Why are we doing this?
  • Launch and support.
📢 Who are the speakers?
🔘 Svyatoslav Kholod – Senior Game Designer in Innovecs. Svyatoslav has 6 years of practical gameplay and visual development in the game industry, as well as experience in teaching game design. He is, without exaggeration, one of the best professionals in the industry.
🔘 Oleksandr Shtachenko – Product Owner at Game Point and game producer with more than 10 years of experience, teacher of the course “Game Producer” at Dev2dev. He is engaged in consulting in the field of analytics and mobile Free-to-play. He believes that games are first and foremost a business, as he writes in his author’s blog
👤 For whom?
It will be interesting for everyone involved in the development of entertainment content and multimedia products, especially directors, game designers, game producers, game developers, game studio owners, indie (independent) developers.