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We hold both online and offline InnoHub events to cover wider audiences and encourage our employees to develop professionally and personally.
Past events
300 UAH
300 UAH
Bottleneck Night: AI/ML
Someone calls them fails and someone calls them problems, while we’re calling them Bottlenecks. No one is safe from project mistakes and they’re happening here and there.
OWASP Kyiv Winter 2019 Meetup at Innohub
OWASP is an open community dedicated to enabling organizations to conceive, develop, acquire, operate, and maintain applications that can be trusted. On Feb 2 OWASP Kyiv chapter will hold their regular OWASP Kyiv Winter 2019 Meetup at Innohub.
Episode 1. History of Success. Another Side of The Brand
Five speakers. Five stories. HR, PR, PM, business owners. Consulting, own product, outsourcing. IT-HR CLUB launches a new format #NoName-platform for sharing experience without a single mention of company names – only people and their stories. At the meeting, you’ll find out who really stands behind the successful brand.
300 UAH
300 UAH
Tech Hangout: React VS Angular

Join us to become a part of our traditional experts meetup – Tech Hangout

2018 Highlights & Achievements

We’re inviting you to our pre-NY event “2018 Highlights and Achievements” at InnoHub

459 UAH
459 UAH
The Business Breakfast with Alex Lutskiy

Your chance to meet Alex Lutskiy at The Business Breakfast with Alex Lutskiy

350 UAH
350 UAH
2 Hours Design Battle. HNY

#2HoursDesignBattle – a show that gathered around newbies, experienced designers, and those who’re interested in web-design in general.

Tech Hangout: React + NODE.js

Innovecs Tech Hangout: Our expert meetup with 4 hot topics from leading developers

Bottleneck Night: JAVA Everywhere!

We’re launching the series of evening events devoted to projects’ bottlenecks in any technical issues

300 UAH
300 UAH
TechCases in Architecture #Security

If you’re also interested in the security implementation, then we’re waiting for you at TechCases. We will cover 2 examples of how our speakers have successfully implemented security into already existing projects.

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Live Coding Lunch: Хайп заради хайпу - чому НЕ треба використовувати SwiftUI
InnoHub powered by Innovecs
Ukrainian trade mission to the UK
Нахіба айтішнику лідерство
CEO Night: Benefit from Investing & Partnerships in CEE
Why bother? Coding for Designers
Гра бізнесів: гейміфікація IT-продуктів [вебінар]
Supply Chain Tech Trends by SMC³ and Maersk
Live Coding Session: Мультиплеєрна гра на Unity без "костилів"
Адаптивні організації майбутнього: agile-менеджмент
CEO Night: The Power of Tech Companies in Emerging Markets
Нахіба айтішнику креативність: пошук ідей і командна робота
Нахіба айтішнику психічне здоров’я та емоції: я і команда
Cross-cultural communication in the post-quarantine world
Success factors for companies in VUCA reality
QuaranTalk Global: Лондон і Лос-Анджелес
Навчи машину людському: етичний бік роботи зі штучним інтелектом
QuaranTalk Global: Берлін, Мюнхен, Люксембург
На дистанції: глобальні комунікації та міжнародні події
ТОП-5 настільних ігор для двох, для дітей та для компанії
Change management: у кризу готуйся до прориву!
Фантастичні фільми очима науковців: кіновечорниці
BizDev, Sales & Marketing: домашній ретрит
BizDev, Sales & Marketing: домашній ретрит
ТОП-5 книжок на карантин: літературні вечорниці
ТОП-5 книжок на карантин: літературні вечорниці
Нахіба айтішнику персональний бренд? Від лайків до профіту
Discussion panel: New Era of Ukraine on the Global Market
Innohub. The Beginning
Innohub. The Beginning
Development of Android Apps Using Plugin Robotoworks Mechanoid-Ivan Alekseichuk-Mobile Tech Hangout
Reverse Engineering iOS Apps - Max Bazaliy for Mobile Tech Hangout
Make an App for Yourself. Make an App, B*tch - Alexander Sharov) for Mobile Tech Hangout
Creating Android Plugins: Unity3d, Basic4Android... - Artem Kuzmenko for Mobile Tech Hangout
Creating mobile backend on JS using Azure Mobile Services - Viktor Tsykunov for JS Tech Hangout
How to create a program for WP Win8 on JavaScript - Margaryta Ostapchuk for JS Tech Hangout - 2014
Теst Driven Javascript - Vladimir Tkachenko for JS Tech Hangout - 2014.12.06
Dependable Applications with React.js - Maksym Klymyshyn for JS Tech Hangout - 2014.12.06
Angular 2.0: Brighter future - Eugene Zharkov for JS Tech Hangout - 2014.12.06