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We hold both online and offline InnoHub events to cover wider audiences and encourage our employees to develop professionally and personally.
Past events
Cross-cultural communication in the post-quarantine world
Isolation has erased borders, bringing us online. So understanding cross-cultural communication is becoming even more important for any company that has a diverse workforce and does business globally. This type of communication involves an understanding of how people from different cultures speak, communicate, and perceive the world around them.
Success factors for companies in VUCA reality
We’re living in wonderful (?) VUCA* times! *Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous The increase in VUCA means that you and your business must seek new orientations and take a fresh approach to management.
QuaranTalk Global: London & Los Angeles
How is everything going in USA and United Kingdom in our QuaranTalk Global. How is Los Angeles experiencing a pandemic? What’s happening in London during quarantine? Do all the States and the Kingdom still remain “united”? We will not fly, though, let’s take a virtual trip abroad through the windows of friends!
Teach а machine the humanе aspects: the ethical side of working with artificial intelligence
Join our next online meet-up with our colleague Maya Synytsia from AnyClip to discuss the topic: “Teach а machine the human aspects: the ethical side of working with artificial intelligence”. We use artificial intelligence to solve complex tasks, which, of course, entails surprises: sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic.
QuaranTalk Global: Berlin, Munich, Luxembourg. How do people live there now?
Join our online meet-up to sit and chat about quarantine life in Germany and Luxembourg and to discuss the following topics: the situation in the city; everyday quarantine life; business transformation; assistance and actions of the government; and HERE will be your question, do not be shy!
On a distance: global communications and international events
Join our next online meet-up with Anastasia Sleptsova, the founder of Spread Inc. to discuss the following topics: Is it easy to manage a team remotely (on an island, under a palm tree). Specificity of multinational teams mobilization. “Love” at a distance: effective online communication with colleagues, partners, audience.
TOP-5 Board Games: for two, for kids and for the group
Friday is coming, which means it’s time for us to have some fun online again while InnoHub is in quarantine. We invite you to join for a Game night event TOP-5 Board Games: for two, for kids and for the group. We will take a dive into the world of board games.
InnoHub #inquarantine: Change management by Olga Prykhno
Now is the best time to accumulate energy, generate new ideas and be ready to the powerful jump after we’re all out of quarantine. Olga Prykhno, COO/CFO at Innovecs, will share her experience and vision on how to boost business after the crisis.
InnoHub #inquarantine: sci-fi movies with scientists
Friday is coming, which means it’s time for us to have some fun online while InnoHub is in quarantine.   We invite you to join us for a movie night event called Fantastic films through the eyes of scientists.
Business Development, Sales & Marketing
During these WFH-days, we all stay digitally connected. And so does the InnoHub – all events during the quarantine period will be available online!  YouTube channel to get some inspiration and expertise in Business Development, Sales & Marketing. We are sure it will be interesting not only to sales and marketing specialists.
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Нахіба айтішнику лідерство
CEO Night: Benefit from Investing & Partnerships in CEE
Why bother? Coding for Designers
Гра бізнесів: гейміфікація IT-продуктів [вебінар]
Supply Chain Tech Trends by SMC³ and Maersk
Live Coding Session: Мультиплеєрна гра на Unity без "костилів"
Адаптивні організації майбутнього: agile-менеджмент
CEO Night: The Power of Tech Companies in Emerging Markets
Нахіба айтішнику креативність: пошук ідей і командна робота
Нахіба айтішнику психічне здоров’я та емоції: я і команда
Cross-cultural communication in the post-quarantine world
Success factors for companies in VUCA reality
QuaranTalk Global: Лондон і Лос-Анджелес
Навчи машину людському: етичний бік роботи зі штучним інтелектом
QuaranTalk Global: Берлін, Мюнхен, Люксембург
На дистанції: глобальні комунікації та міжнародні події
ТОП-5 настільних ігор для двох, для дітей та для компанії
Change management: у кризу готуйся до прориву!
Фантастичні фільми очима науковців: кіновечорниці
BizDev, Sales & Marketing: домашній ретрит
ТОП-5 книжок на карантин: літературні вечорниці
Tech Hangout: FinTech
Iskander Mamedov at Tech Hangout: FinTech
Peter Bel at Tech Hangout: FinTech
Andrew Matthews at Tech Hangout: FinTech
Ruslan Redka at Tech Hangout: FinTech
Maksym Shchur at Tech Hangout: FinTech
Diana King at Tech Hangout: FinTech
Vladyslav Kurinnyi at Tech Hangout: FinTech
Dmytro Honcharenko at Tech Hangout: FinTech
Semen Kaploushenko at Tech Hangout: FinTech
Yurii Melashchenko at Tech Hangout: FinTech
David Shengart at Tech Hangout: FinTech
Kudrenko Oleg at Tech Hangout: FinTech
Pavel Iaroshenko at Tech Hangout: FinTech
Tech Hangout at Innovecs
#Innovecs Tech Hangout "Playing in the Enterprise field – Technologies challenges"
Innovecs Tech Hangout: Подходы и технологии в React Redux
Innovecs Tech Hangout
Development of Android Apps Using Plugin Robotoworks Mechanoid-Ivan Alekseichuk-Mobile Tech Hangout
Reverse Engineering iOS Apps - Max Bazaliy for Mobile Tech Hangout
Make an App for Yourself. Make an App, B*tch - Alexander Sharov) for Mobile Tech Hangout
Creating Android Plugins: Unity3d, Basic4Android... - Artem Kuzmenko for Mobile Tech Hangout
Creating mobile backend on JS using Azure Mobile Services - Viktor Tsykunov for JS Tech Hangout
How to create a program for WP Win8 on JavaScript - Margaryta Ostapchuk for JS Tech Hangout - 2014
Теst Driven Javascript - Vladimir Tkachenko for JS Tech Hangout - 2014.12.06
Dependable Applications with React.js - Maksym Klymyshyn for JS Tech Hangout - 2014.12.06
Angular 2.0: Brighter future - Eugene Zharkov for JS Tech Hangout - 2014.12.06
SCRUM: StoryTime - Tech Hangout #41 - 2014.07.30
Tester's Notes V.2 - Tech Hangout #37 - 2014.04.16