Global supply networks are becoming more complex due to many unforeseen factors. Some prevalent examples are 100% annual growth in online orders in 2021, next-day delivery becoming commonplace, and supply chain disruptions related to the pandemic. Some international market leaders have set the bar higher by offering same-day delivery. While Amazon has taken it even one step further: its Prime Now service offers delivery within 1-2 hours. What’s behind this service evolution?

From first-to-last mile delivery, maintaining transparency across all supply chain stages is a challenge, considering the number of stakeholders, components, and systems involved. This is where real-time supply chain visibility plays a significant role.

Join our webinar to get answers to the questions like these:
● Is supply chain visibility still considered an early adoption technology?
● How can it help shippers gain a competitive advantage in the online marketplace?
● What is the difference between supply chain vs. fleet visibility?
● What is the connection between supply chain visibility and customer service?
● Which types of companies can benefit most from building real-time visibility into their supply chains?
● Do ELD/GPS telematics suffice for achieving the necessary level of visibility?
● How can real-time visibility help companies become more sustainable?

Our Speakers:

Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Senior Director, Global Partnerships & Alliances at project44
Prior to joining project44 he was a member of the group Management of Girteka Logistics for 6 years. He has studied Supply Chain Management at INSEAD in France, and given countless speeches on trucking and Logistics in Europe.

Ken Evans, CEO of Konexial
Ken is a founder of Konexial and creator of the My20 Fleet Management System for edge computing, and the patent pending GoLoad service for trucking. He is an exceptional strategist who creates value through new concepts and ventures. Ken has a proven record of transforming businesses, and increasing profits. He is also skilled at global multi-site management and negotiation.

Michele Pelino, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
Michele delivers strategic guidance to Forrester’s enterprise and vendor clients. She has more than 20 years of professional experience focusing on IoT solutions, enterprise mobility, and the telecommunications industry. She assisted domestic and international service providers in addressing strategic issues, conducting competitive assessments, evaluating product concepts, and developing marketing positioning messages on new technologies and services.


Michael Beelar, VP of Supply Chain & Logistics at Innovecs
Michael is an accomplished team leader and technical visionary with creative insights into leading-edge technology applications to help improve supply chain models and logistical ecosystems. He has in-depth knowledge of AI, IoT, Edge Computing, Digital Twins, RPA, SaaS Models, Cloud Platforms, ELD/GPS Telematics, Blockchain Technology, Prescriptive Analytics, and Big Data.

Join our panel to see how your company can benefit from integrating real-time supply chain visibility technologies – from becoming more agile and ready to respond to market changes to optimizing costs and achieving immediate ROI.

When: November 11, 11:00am ET
Where: online (a live stream from InnoHub studio)

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