Every day, the IT sector requires a lot of cognitive and emotional stress from us, constantly complicating not only the tasks but also the conditions for their implementation. The brain adapts to multitasking, the need for ultra-fast concentration and powerful overloads.

Usually, psychologists have advice on how to cope with this amount of tasks, rest properly, but… Psychologists do not code, do not work in IT and are not immersed in the specifics of the industry.

🔵 Rodion Aznaurov, a certified psychologist with 10 years of experience and Software Developer from Innovecs, combines two roles, so he will provide really specific explanations and answers: why is this happening and what to do about it? So during the free one-hour online lectures, Rodion will provide webinar participants with a balanced material between theory and practical examples from the life and IT field. 💻
🔵 In the first of a series of webinars we will talk about:
– What are the types of attention, their mechanics and differences;
– Optimization of attention;
– Danger of overload and multitasking (yes-yes);
– Physical, physiological and cognitive “distractors” of attention;
– Practical recommendations.
🔵 When?
The first lecture will take place on April 15 at 13:00