Conflicts in IT are a part of the industry that significantly affects not only the goals of the business but also the atmosphere in the teams and the subjective feeling of job satisfaction. According to the SPP Global Human Capital Report, almost 85% of employees face various conflicts in the workplace. These statistics are so impressive that we decided to dedicate our seventh webinar to strategies for resolving complex situations within IT teams.
This webinar will be especially useful for managers, team leaders, those in leadership positions, and even those who have children because being able to moderate conflicts is part of a healthy upbringing.
🟣 Who is the speaker?
Rodion Aznaurov is a psychologist with 10 years of experience and at the same time Team Lead, Software Developer at Innovecs.
Over the years of psychological practice, Rodion has conducted 100+ training programs in five countries, as well as 1000+ hours of individual consultations. As a certified psychologist, Rodion’s main goal during webinars is to provide only specific advice that will be really useful to students working in the IT field.
🟣 What topics will be on the webinar?
  • What do parents and children, leaders and subordinates have in common?
  • 4 types of “bad behavior” according to Dr. R. Dreykurs
  • How to correctly recognize what type a particular person has
  • Win-win. Tactics and strategies for working with complex employees
🟣 Register at the link and learn how to behave in conflict situations in IT.