IT is an industry that constantly keeps us in suspense and forces us to fight the imposter syndrome, although we learn, improve and attend many professional courses. As a result, we are stressed. Why is this happening? Why does our brain react this way and not the other way around? There are answers, you know them here.
We continue a series of ten Small Talk webinars and today we talk about stress, the brain, and the IT-sphere together with Rodion Aznaurov – a psychologist who is simultaneously immersed in the subtleties of coding life.
🟥 Rodion Aznaurov, a certified psychologist with 10 years of experience and Software Developer from Innovecs, combines two roles, so he will provide really specific explanations and answers: why is stress in IT so powerful and what to do about it? So during the one-hour online meeting, Rodion will share with the participants material between theory and practical examples from life and work in the IT field 💻

At the webinar we will talk about:

  • Neurobiology of stress and its origin;
  • Types of stress and their external manifestation, team stress management;
  • Errors and specific cases, their analysis, and improvement of communication with the team;
  • Specific recommendations and stress prevention;
  • Why “just take yourself in hand” does not work?
Many people teach us how to become a leader, but no one tells us how to be a leader, so sign up and follow the stress with us.
🟥 How to join?
Before the webinar, the organizers send invitations to the calendar. On the day of the event, the participant receives a link to the broadcast and chat, where everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions.
Rodion Aznaurov devoted most of his life to the study of the brain. His experience includes 10+ years of practice, 100+ training programs in five countries, as well as 1000+ hours of individual consultations.