Who hasn’t heard of burnout at work? According to the 2019 Gallup survey, 28% of full-time employees often or constantly feel exhausted from work. Another 48% say they are prone to burnout from time to time.

Moreover, even at the remotes, 68% of Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook employees in a survey for Business Insider said they felt more exhausted than when they worked in the office.

Obviously, there is a conclusion – we do not know how to recover, switch and rest so as to leave work at work.

In the fourth of ten webinars with Rodion Aznaurov, we talk about how to rest your mind while working in IT.

🟣 What topics will be at the webinar?

  • Neurobiology of “mental stress” and recovery;
  • How to give the brain a rest, prevention of overloads, prevention of burnout;
  • Why scroll through the social media feed is not the best tactic to relax;
  • “Mental parasites” that steal energy (physical, physiological, cognitive factors);
  • Optimal types of recreation in connection with the field and the reasons why they are optimal (specifics of workload and recreation in IT).

🟣 Speaker details:

Rodion Aznaurov devoted most of his life to the study of the brain. His experience includes 10+ years of practice, 100+ training programs in five countries, as well as 1000+ hours of individual consultations.

It combines two roles – a certified psychologist and a Software Developer at Innovecs – and therefore will provide a really specific explanation for why rest in IT is extremely important to maintain life-work balance. After all, the ability to properly switch attention and recover can improve not only performance in the professional sphere but also the quality of life in general.