Workaholism in IT is a common problem, familiar to many or even everyone. According to a recent study in Norway with a sample of more than 1,600 employees, it was found that tasks, control and conflict of roles, as well as negative emotions, make a significant contribution to the development of workaholism. Earlier research suggests that workaholism is significantly associated with psychological stress in the workplace. There is also another side of the coin – we overtime, having an internal motivation to do everything by 200%. As a result – constant fatigue, lack of free time for family, self and hobbies.

Our fifth webinar is dedicated to the problem of workaholism in IT, and we will talk not only about the phenomenon itself, but also how to deal with it with specific examples.

🟣 Who is the speaker?

Rodion Aznaurov is a psychologist with 10 years of experience and at the same time Team Lead, Software Developer at Innovecs.

Over the years of psychological practice, Rodion has conducted 100+ training programs in five countries, as well as 1000+ hours of individual consultations. As a certified psychologist, Rodion’s main goal during webinars is to provide only specific advice that will be really useful to students working in the IT field.

🟣What topics will be at the webinar?

  • Causes of workaholism in IT;
  • Benefits;
  • Disadvantages;
  • Dangers;
  • Prevention and analysis of cases.

🟣 Register at the link and find out why workaholism in IT is a negative phenomenon and how to resist it on May 20 at 13:00