Join our next online meet-up with our colleague Maya Synytsia from AnyClip to discuss the topic: “Teach а machine the human aspects: the ethical side of working with artificial intelligence”. We use artificial intelligence to solve complex tasks, which, of course, entails surprises: sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic. And the conclusion of the algorithm can be both absurd and ruthlessly sincere.

So, let’s talk about the ethical side of this problem:

  • Is it even possible to teach a machine the humane?
  • What are the difficulties in translating human perception into the language of technology?
  • What are the ethical implications of such a science?


Maya Synytsia, neural network training specialist Innovecs.

Maya has a degree in history of philosophy, she worked as a translator, and then “entered IT”. She had a dream of working with artificial intelligence, inspired by the jokes of robot TARS in “Interstellar”. And now she has to train the AI ​​not to respond to the word “Dick” if it’s a name.

When: April 15, 5:00 PM

Where: online (the link will be available in the event)