MAR 20 2019 – regular meeting of the Tech Hangout community will take place at INNOHUB. The event will be devoted to the topic of DevOps

We will focus on exchanging some recommendations from specialists dealing with DevOps problems. We guarantee that all guests of the meetup will have the opportunity to listen to exciting speakers who will speak on advanced topics. It’ll for sure be a great experience!
After the official part, participants are invited to continue the discussion in a more informal atmosphere, enjoying a variety of snacks and beer.

We are looking forward for the following speakers:

– Alexander Mikhnenko is one of the founders of the DevOps Pool at EPAM, with 12 years experience working in various IT domains.

CI/CD/DevOps enthusiast who likes to implement best practices.

A supporter of good communication, client-oriented approach, is proactive and does not keep silent about the problems that arise in the work. Believes in the power of reason, understands the meaning of the term business value and business priority. Prefers solving the problem as they arrive, but if there is time, he dugs to the bottom.

Alexander will tell why continual integration is still important and why. Why knowledge of CI/CD practices is important for the DevOps engineer. Continuous integration vs continuous delivery vs continuous deployment, CI/CD tool, CI CD optimization, tips and tricks, successes and failures.

– Yura Rochnyak – Engineer in – the platform for online education. Yura leads the @catops telegram channel and posts the most interesting for DevOps content. Yura will tell about “Monorepos in the wild”. And more:
– what is a monorepo and why;
– why the team chose this way;
– what problems they encountered and how they were solved (development process, CICD)

– Andrew Galkin – DevOps Engineer at Innovecs with 19 years experience in IT. Almost 15 years of system administration allowed 3.5 years to achieve high results in DevOps direction.

Andrew will tell about the use and observation of the most varied SaaS applications in the “wilderness”. His report is a combination of three perfect approaches to the development of applications: paying special attention to the dynamics of organic growth over time, the dynamics of cooperation between developers working on the code base and the elimination of the effects of software erosion.

Our event will certainly be useful to developers who create SaaS applications and Ops for engineers who are deploying and managing such applications.

TECH HANGOUT is a series of events where we talk about novelties, tricks, new ideas for using different technologies, fresh vibrations in the field of discussion. This time about DevOps. The community was founded in 2012 by developers for the purpose of sharing knowledge and experience. Such meetings are an integral part of the educational project at Innovecs, which is actively working in the field of internal trainings and knowledge sharing programs among professionals. This initiative was born in Innovecs and is extremely popular and demanding. The event’s concept includes 30-minute reports from predefined topics, as well as discussion in a round table format.

See you!