Innovecs Tech Hangout: Our expert meetup with 4 hot topics from leading developers

George Shevtsov, Software Engineer at Innovecs – “React Hooks API”

4 years of professional experience, including 1 year of rapid start in FrontEnd and Freelance and 2 years of product projects. Works with ExtJs, React and Redux.

Andriy Lazarev, Lead Front-End Developer at Scalors GmbH – “Pragmatic React Development”

Find out more about pragmatic #React development and how to create a product that client actually desires.  How to choose the technology that will help the project to be done on time while preventing any need in changes in the nearest future. How to manage the tech debt and how to use CreateReactApp, recompose (#HOC), JSS, MaterialUI, Storybook efficiently in the React projects.

Vitaliy Kulynko, Senior Software Engineer at Innovecs, & Rodion Azurov, Software Engineer at Innovecs, will showcase how to build an app using #React #Native, #AWS, #AppSync, #AWS DynamoDB, AWS RDS, AWS Lambda, and AWS Cognito.

Join us to learn from real-life cases!